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Val Kilmer Net Worth (June 2024)

Val Kilmer Net Worth

Through some nit-picked avenues and memorable and versatile works, Val Kilmer has crafted a place uniquely belonging to him, and a sweet reward for that is his staggering revenue. Val Kilmer’s Net Worth will blow your mind. Scroll through this article to see how much the “Top Gun” star makes.

Who is Val Kilmer?

Val Kilmer is an American movie and stage actor. His first role, which brought him recognition, was Lt. Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky, opposite Tom Cruise, in Top Gun. Born in 1959, Val gained much-deserved attention from critics for his roles. Since he was operated on with his Tracheostomy, Val’s identity completely changed, making his illness shadow his past contribution to Hollywood. He married Joanne Whalley, yes, the same couple we saw in the film Willow.

Basic Information regarding Val Kilmer

Full name
Val Edward Kilmer
Professional name
Val Kilmer
Date of Birth
December 31, 1959
Los Angeles, California
62 years
Native American
Zodiac sign
Marital Status
Net Worth
$25 million (2023)

Body Stats

Height in m
1.82 m
Height in cm
181.6 cm
Height in inches
5 feet 11 inches
Weight in Kg
93 kg
Weight in pounds
171 lbs
Hair Color
Blonde hair
Eye color
Blonde eyes


Father’s name
Eugene Dorris Kilmer
Mother’s name
Gladys Kilmer
Mark and Wesley Kilmer
Divorced from Joanne Whalley
Mercedes and Jake


School name
University Name
Juilliard School
Bachelor in Fine Arts

Social Media Account


Val Kilmer’s Net Worth

He is believed to have between $13-$25 million net worth. The actor has been seen in events, stage shows, and making TV appearances now and then.  Val was one of the most paid Hollywood actors in 1990. However, his income and net worth received a setback during his divorce from Joanne Whalley. Val, in his documentary, revealed himself to be earning $7 million in Batman. Also, Val revealed his paychecks for other movies he did, which included $7 and $6 for The Saint and The Island of Moreau, respectively.

Insight Into Val Kilmer’s Personal Life

Now, shedding light upon Val Kilmer’s personal life, he is a devoted Christian and a brilliant musician. In addition to being an actor of high worth and being a good-at-heart person, he gave in charity funds generated from his CD album released in 2007. Moreover, a fact not very popular is he is a scientist as well. He has reportedly been involved in discord with a few of his co-actors like Tom Sizemore and Marlon Brando, which takes some to the conclusion that Kilmer has a bad temper. Val Edward Kilmer was born on 31 December 1959. He is an American actor by profession.

Val Kilmer’s childhood

Val Kilmer was born to Eugene Doris Kilmer and Gladys Swanette. His parents got divorced when Val was merely a kid eight years old. His brother, an Epilepsy patient, died when Val was young. He has another brother named Mark Kilmer.

Who is Val Kilmer’s Wife?

Val Kilmer is a father of two from his former wife Joanne Whalley, an actress. The two of them parted ways in 1996. They got separated only two years after their wedding due to being incompatible, and some state Val’s anger issues to be a potential reason for the partition.

Hope we have successfully informed you about Top Gun Maverick’s famed Val Kilmer’s net worth. Keep looking for other celebrities’ net worth from our archive.

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