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Prince Harry Net Worth (July 2024)

prince harry net worth

Over his entire life, Prince Harry—formerly known as Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales—has had a prominent position in both the British Royal Family and the public eye. His wealth has been the focus of much discussion and conjecture, especially since he and his spouse, Meghan Markle, withdrew from their high-ranking royal positions at the beginning of 2020.

This article will discuss Prince Harry’s net worth, earning sources, and the financial effects of his decision to leave the royal family.

Who is Prince Harry?

Who is Prince Harry?

Full Name
Prince Henry Charles Albert David
Professional Name
Prince Harry
Date of Birth
St Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom
39 years
“not religious”
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Meghan Markle
6 Feet 2 inches
86 Kg
Army Officer, Author
Net Worth
$60 Million

Prince Harry is a well-known member of the British Royal Family. His full name is Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales. Born on 15 September 1984, he is widely recognized as the youngest child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Harry has been in the spotlight since his early years, and his life has been distinguished by a strong dedication to his royal responsibilities and humanitarian pursuits.

How Much is Prince Harry’s Net Worth?

How Much is Prince Harry's Net Worth?

According to several estimates, the Duke of Sussex’s net worth was between $25 million and $40 million before he departed from London. However, as of right now, Harry and Meghan Markle have a combined net worth of $60 million.



His Military Career

After 10 years of service, Harry completed two operational tours in Afghanistan and obtained his certification as an Apache Aircraft Commander in the Army. According to reports, he confesses in his autobiography, Spare, that during his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, he murdered 25 people while flying an Apache chopper.

Harry says he flew six sorties on the front lines during his second tour of duty and felt neither proud nor embarrassed of “the taking of human lives” as a consequence. In his frank autobiography, he said that he saw the 25 as “chess pieces” that had been removed off the board during the heat of battle rather than as “people.”

Netflix Deal

Netflix Deal

After departing the United Kingdom, Harry and Meghan sat down for eagerly awaited interviews and a Netflix documentary that went over every factor that influenced their choice to leave the royal family.

According to Forbes, the pair inked a $100 million deal with Netflix in 2020 to develop a number of scripted series, feature films, documentaries, docuseries, and children’s programming.

According to a report, their documentary, Harry & Meghan, defied Netflix’s record for most documentary viewing hours, clocking 81.55 million worldwide in its first week of release.

Spotify Partnership

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex agreed to a multi-year arrangement with Spotify in December 2020 for their production firm, Archewell Audio, to develop exclusive content for the platform.

Markle’s Archetypes is the duo’s debut podcast on Spotify. It debuted at the top of the music streaming site in the weeks after its August 2022 release.

Award and Achievements

Award and Achievements

Throughout his life, Harry has accumulated a number of honors and recognitions for his services to a variety of professions. Among these is the Operational Service Medal, which was given to him for his military service and his deployments to Afghanistan.

He is well-known and highly regarded for his co-founding of the Invictus Games, an occasion that honors the grit and resilience of injured warriors.

His Investments

Harry and Meghan initially stayed in Canada for a while before moving to Southern California, where they spent many months living in a Tyler Perry-owned mansion after declaring their intention to resign from their royal duties.

The cost of Harry and Meghan’s house in Montecito, which is close to Santa Barbara, was $14.7 million. Their down payment was $5 million, and they used a $10 million mortgage to purchase the home.

Prince Harry’s Philanthropic Side

Harry has continued his family heritage by being involved in philanthropic donations and personal welfare obligations in addition to his military duty. In addition to dedicating his life to the welfare of others, particularly injured warriors and veterans, he also works on initiatives that support educational possibilities for underprivileged kids worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Meghan Markle’s Net Worth?

According to the estimates, Markle’s net worth was $5 million before she wed Prince Harry. Markle and Harry have a combined net worth of $60 million, as we have told you before.

2. What is Prince Harry’s Age?

Born on 15 September 1984, Harry is 39 years old.

3. Did Prince Harry Get a Salary?

During his time in the Army, Harry was making between $50,000 and $53,000.

4. What are Prince Harry’s main sources of income?

Prince Harry’s income comes from a combination of his inheritance, deals with media and publishing companies, and his work with the Archewell Foundation. Notably, he and Meghan Markle signed deals with Netflix and Spotify to produce content.

5. How much did Prince Harry inherit from Princess Diana?

Prince Harry and his brother Prince William each inherited an estimated £10 million from their mother, Princess Diana, received in full when they turned 30.

6. Does Prince Harry have any business ventures?

Yes, Prince Harry co-founded the Archewell Foundation with Meghan Markle, and he has also been involved in other ventures, including sustainable travel initiatives through the Travalyst partnership.

7. What kind of deals has Prince Harry signed with media companies?

Harry and Meghan have signed multi-year deals with Netflix and Spotify to produce documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows, and podcasts aimed at inspiring audiences.

8. How has Prince Harry invested his wealth?

While specific investment details are private, it’s likely that Harry invests in a diversified portfolio, including real estate, stocks, and possibly bonds, adhering to a strategy that balances growth and risk.

9. Did Prince Harry receive any financial support from the Royal Family after stepping back?

Initially, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continued to receive financial support from Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall estate but have since become financially independent.

10. How does Prince Harry support his lifestyle and security costs?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle support their lifestyle and security costs through their own income streams, including their media production deals and public speaking engagements.

11. Has Prince Harry engaged in any philanthropic investments?

Through the Archewell Foundation, Prince Harry has engaged in philanthropic investments focusing on community building, mental health, online safety, and gender equality. The foundation aims to create systemic cultural change across all communities by implementing projects that reflect these goals.

Wrapping Up

Prince Harry’s journey from receiving financial help from the royal family to achieving financial independence is evidence of his will to maintain his devotion to humanitarian work while leading a more private life.

Since leaving his senior royal position, his net worth has increased dramatically through commercial ventures and brand collaborations, and he is likely to keep getting richer while still having a beneficial influence on the globe through his charity endeavors. Just stay tuned to Gossiprealm to get new updates like this.

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