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Island Boys Net Worth (July 2024)

Island Boy's

The Island Boys, whose actual names are Alex and Franky Venegas, have outstanding outcomes out of their profession. Their song “Island Boys” helped them become a renowned name online. On 16 July 2001, both boys were born in Florida.

In the year 2020, they began their musical career by releasing a number of tracks. Later, Alex created Island Bovs, a group well known for their popular song “Island Bovs.” with outstanding outcomes. The Island Boys’ net worth, earnings, and salaries will be discussed in this article.

Who are Island Boys?

Who are Island Boys?

Full Name
Alex Venegas
Franky Venegas
Professional Name
Date of Birth
Coral Springs, Florida
Coral Springs, Florida
22 years
22 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
5 Feet 8 inches
5 feet 10 inches
64 Kg
63 Kg
Rapper, TikToker, social media personality
Rapper, TikToker, social media personality
Net Worth
$1 Million
$1 million

Born in Florida on 16 July 2001, identical twin brothers Alex and Franky, also referred to as the Island Brothers, are famous American social media personalities and a hip-hop duo. The twin boys’ father died of a heart attack when they were pretty minor. The twins stand out due to their different hairstyles; Franky’s hair is brown with blond highlights, while Alex’s hair is yellow.

Alex has inscriptions tattooed on his temple and the variety 17 on his brow. On the other hand, Franky’s forehead is adorned with an eagle. They are well-known by their stage names, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulj.

They have Cuban ancestry. As children, Franky and Alex engaged in a variety of illegal acts that landed them in legal problems, such as robbery, grand theft auto, and drug possession.

The boys were expelled from the home by their mother when they were 18 due to their misbehavior. They decided to become rappers while serving time for one of their offenses.

How Much is Island Boys’ Net Worth

Island Boys

The Island Boys’ estimated net worth is $1 million as of 2024. The twin brothers’ primary sources of revenue are TikTok and sponsors. Their YouTube channel has 28.4K followers and over 8 million views. They make around $50,000 each month.

Island Boys’ Net Worth Trend from 2019 to 2024

Net Worth
$30 thousand
$100 thousand
$300 thousand
$800 thousand
$0.5 million
$1 million


Beginning of their Music Career

When a video of Franky and Alex singing a song became popular on Twitter in late 2021, they first came to public attention. Its title was “I’m an Island Boy.” In the video, the brothers displayed their unusual features, such as their tattoos, vertical dreadlocks, and diamond teeth.

The song published on TikTok under the page display name Flyysoulja gained nine million views and became a meme. Later, an entirely produced version of “I’m an Island Boy” and a music video were finally made public.

Alex was credited with both of The Island Boys’ first EPs, “Stardom” and “Life Been Good,” which were both released in 2021. The studio albums “17” and “Trendsetters,” the latter of which was billed to Franky, were released by the pair in 2022.

The Island Boys are still active on TikTok, where they have more than 150 million “likes” and seven million followers.

Youtube Success

The Boys’ treasure chest appears to be filled with items taken from their YouTube channel, Big Bag Ent. Over 228,000 people have subscribed to this specific channel, and over 175 million have seen the lads perform.

They have been able to earn profit significantly from their online activities thanks to YouTube’s AdSense program. It’s reasonable to assume that they will be making a significant amount of money from their YouTube channel.

Other Ventures

The Venegas brothers charge $80 for personal films and $600 for commercial bookings when selling shoutouts on Cameo. By offering customized video appearances through their business Shoutouts for Sale, they have discovered a novel method to capitalize on their celebrity.

They also offer a range of stuff, including t-shirts for $26, sweatshirts for $46, stickers, posters, home decor items, and other unusual chachkies.


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Their Investments

They have undoubtedly profited from their online fame. Brothers invested their newly acquired fortune in jewelry, fancy automobiles, and designer watches.

They enjoy driving fast automobiles to increase their perceived wealth. Boys proudly display their rich lifestyle on social media by exhibiting items like their expensive watches and cars.

Since their ascent to prominence, Boys have been splurging on some serious jewelry. The Venegas guys started their collection with a $82,000 chain that one of them purchased.

Since then, the couple has added diamond-studded accessories to their collection. They invested $200,000, for example, on an iced-out Audemar Piguet Skeleton watch. This AP wristwatch is inspired by steampunk and includes a chain link band and a face coated with diamonds.

They also own timepieces worth $300,000, including a $25,000 Santos de Cartier diamond watch. The twins spent $60,000 on a bespoke diamond grill, a favorite of many seasoned rappers. This eye-catching item is sure to draw attention.

According to the estimates, the cost of each twin’s diamond grill is roughly $30,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Annual Revenue of the Island Boys?

They are expected to be making around $70,000 annually as of 2024.

2. How Old are Island Boys?

Born on 16 July 2001, identical twins Alex and Franky are 22 years old.

3. Where are Island Boys From?

The twin brothers are from Coral Springs, Florida.

Wrapping Up

The transformation of The Island Boys from troubled teenagers to online celebrities proves social media’s influence. The twins have made significant progress because of their distinctive style, musical aptitude, and commercial savvy, with an estimated net worth of $1 million. The entire globe will definitely be watching as they grow.

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