Where to Stream Young Sheldon (July 2024)

Where to Stream Young Sheldon

Popular American television comedy Young Sheldon is a prequel to the wildly successful The Big Bang Theory. The charming television series centers on Sheldon Cooper’s formative years as he deals with the difficulties of dealing with people while he was growing up in a tiny Texas town. Cooper is a clever but socially uncomfortable man.

You might be wondering where to view Young Sheldon. In this article, we’ll walk you through the many platforms where you may watch this endearing series.

A Quick Info Regarding Young Sheldon

A Quick Info Regarding Young Sheldon

Release Date25-Sep-17
Number of Seasons7 seasons
Number of Episodes135 episodes
GenrePeriod Sitcom
Country of OriginUnited States
Running Time18 – 21 minutes
Created ByChuck Lorre
Steven Molaro
Written ByChuck Lorre
Steven Molaro
Tara Hernandez
Eric Kaplan
Directed ByJon Favreau
Produced ByLorre, Molaro
Jim Parsons
Todd Spiewak
Chuck Lorre
Production CompaniesChuck Lorre Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Original ReleaseCBS


Iain Armitage
Sheldon Cooper
Wallace Shawn
John Sturgis
Melissa Peterman
Brenda Sparks
Raegan Revord
Missy Cooper
Lance Barber
George Cooper Sr.
Annie Potts
Connie Tucker/Meemaw
Emily Osment
Mandy McAllister
Matt Hobby
Pastor Jeff Difford
Wyatt McClure
Billy Sparks
Montana Jordan
Georgie Cooper
Zoe Perry
Mary Cooper
Jim Parsons
Sheldon Cooper (adult narrator)


Synopsys of all Young Sheldon Seasons

1. Season 1 (2017-2018):

Season 1 (2017-2018)

Sheldon Cooper, a nine-year-old kid prodigy with an extraordinary IQ who lives in East Texas, is first introduced to us in season one. As he starts high school, he faces difficulties making friends, fitting in, and coping with his unusual family, which includes his football-obsessed father, George, and devout mother, Mary.

In the first season, we got an introductory story preview that would help us relate to the characters.

2. Season 2 (2018-2019):

Season 2 (2018-2019)

The storyline of season 2 starts from where season 1 ends, making it more relatable content. We continue to follow Sheldon’s journey in season 2 as he embarks on new challenges in high school.

In the season 2 episodes, we will see him struggling with his relationships. For example:- His relationship with his twin sister Missy and elder brother Georgie is strengthening, as can be seen. The season focuses on his interest in science and his efforts to strike a balance between his academic interests and traditional childhood activities.

3. Season 3 (2019-2020):

Season 3 (2019-2020)

Young Sheldon’s third season debuted on 26 September 2019. Sheldon’s oddities and idiosyncrasies are explored in greater detail in season 3. The Cooper family will face difficulties as they manage their own personal and professional advancement.

In this season, he also explores his new interests, makes himself comfortable around people, and tries to make new friends. Some of the highlights of this season are Sheldon’s friendship with Tam, his troubles with his high school workload, and his interest in trains.

4. Season 4 (2020-2021):

Season 4 (2020-2021)

Sheldon’s intellectual growth and social connections are still being explored in season 4. During a pandemic, it describes his attempts to adjust to distant learning as well as his continuous ties with his family and friends.

Same as the previous season, this also makes you feel like you’re part of the cast and everything that is happening in the series you could relate to. The season offers perceptions of how Sheldon’s exclusive viewpoint affects people around him.

5. Season 5 (2021-2022):

Season 5 (2021-2022)

Allusions to the scientist’s background growing up in Texas—including his devoutly religious mother, his more outgoing twin sister, his affection for his grandmother, and more—were revealed to viewers. The season allowed them to get to know and love the bright but socially uncomfortable scientist.

The bond between Sheldon and his father has also been developed, and this will play a significant role in season 5. Young Sheldon season five’s early episodes dealt with the unfinished business from season four.

6. Season 6 (2022-2023):

Season 6 (2022-2023)

On 29 September 2022, the series’ sixth season debuted. It presents Mary and George as having an uninteresting marriage since everything is so mundane.

George goes a step further and is in a quasi-relationship with his neighbor and recently divorced Brenda, while Mary fantasizes about being with Pastor Rob.

Mary learns about the two of them after Georgie’s girlfriend, Mandy, goes into labor. The show handled it effectively, but who knows what may transpire between George and Brenda. Now, Mary will be traveling with Sheldon to the University of Heidelberg in Germany this summer.

Since the tale isn’t finished, it will continue to be discussed in The Big Bang Theory until George passes away from a heart attack.

7. Season 7 (2024-present)

In this season, Sheldon Cooper continues to navigate the challenges of growing up as a gifted child in East Texas. The season delves deeper into Cooper’s academic pursuits, his evolving relationships with family and friends, and his journey toward understanding social dynamics. As Cooper matures, viewers witness both his triumphs and struggles, offering a mix of heartwarming moments and comedic escapades that capture the essence of his unique personality.

Where to Stream Young Sheldon?

There are various platforms where you can easily stream the series. Below, we have tried to mention all the platforms for your convenience:-

  1. CBS
  2. HBO Max
  3. Vudu (purchase only)
  4. Google Play (purchase only)
  5. Netflix Canada
  6. Netflix U.K. (three seasons)
  7. fuboTV
  8. iTunes (purchase only)
  9. Amazon Prime Video (buy or rent only)

How to Stream Young Sheldon Free?

You can stream some unblocked Young Sheldon seasons on CBS free of cost. However, it is unknown whether season six is available on the platform or not. We’ll recommend you access the series using a VPN on the platform.

You can also access the series without any payment restrictions on fuboTV by signing up for its seven-day free trial. Paramount Plus can also offer a seven-day free trial.

But you need to add a payment method for the free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Seasons Are There in Young Sheldon?

As per the information, the web series has seven seasons.

2. Does Netflix Have all of Young Sheldon Seasons?

Netflix holds the streaming rights for the series in only three countries: Australia, Italy, and the UK.

3. Where Does Young Sheldon Season 7 Premiere?

Season 7 of the series premiered on CBS.

Wrapping Up

Several streaming alternatives are available to fit your interests, whether you’ve been a longtime fan of Young Sheldon or are a novice eager to explore the world of Sheldon Cooper. You have to select the platform that best suits your interests and price range.

So please turn on your gadget, settle down, and enjoy the extraordinary adventure of the series as he ventures into the realm of science and geekdom for the first time.

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