Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Yes or No Explained (July 2024)

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie

Few films have generated as much passion and polarized views as the 1988 action-packed thriller Die Hard. Can it be considered a Christmas film? Picture lovers have been passionately debating whether Bruce Willis’s picture, set against the backdrop of a business Christmas party turned hostage scenario, qualifies for the coveted holiday movie category.

The issue still stands: Does the film’s Christmas location alone make it worthy of being considered one of the holiday classics? Let’s find out in the article below.

A Quick Info Regarding Die Hard

A Quick Info Regarding Die Hard

Release Date22-Jul-88
Number of Parts2
Based OnNothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp
Country of OriginUnited States
Running Time132 minutes
StarringBruce Willis as John McClane
Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber
Alexander Godunov as Karl
Bonnie Bedelia as Holly Gennaro McClane
Directed ByJohn McTiernan
Produced ByLawrence Gordon
Joel Silver
Production CompaniesGordon Company
Silver Pictures

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

That one is difficult. The plot is unquestionably set in late December, even though it’s a terrific action thriller with a cynical hero and one of the best villains in movie history. When Bruce Willis, as Detective John McClane, travels to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve to see his divorced wife, terrorist-inspired chaos breaks out, thanks to Alan Rickman’s portrayal of the movie’s main antagonist, Hans Gruber.

Even though Willis is initially listening to Run DMC’s “Christmas In Hollis,” the action and racing soon overshadow any joyous festivities. So, is it an official Christmas movie?

Below, we’ll show you some reasons why it should or should not be considered a Christian film.

Reasons Why Die Hard Should be Considered a Christian Movie

Reasons Why Die Hard Should be Considered a Christian Movie

1. Christmas Setting

The film is unquestionably set in the Christmas season, as seen by the joyous décor, the festive soundtrack, and the general atmosphere of the holiday festivities. The narrative occurs during a company Christmas party under a decked-out Nakatomi Plaza.

2. Themes of Redemption and Reconciliation

The movie revolves around themes commonly connected to Christmas, including the victory of good over evil and redemption. Paralleling the themes of forgiveness and optimism frequently associated with Christmas, John McClane battles the hostile Hans Gruber to make amends with his wife.

3. Family and Relationships

A recurrent subject is the value of family and relationships. Protecting his divorced wife and mending their relationship is McClane’s main goal throughout the movie, which aligns with the unity and coziness that the holidays are known for.

4. Christmas References and Tropes

The film has several Christmas-themed passages, including the well-known phrase, “Now I have a machine gun.” Ho, ho, ho, “Santa Claus said. The movie also has a lot of Christmas music, messages written on wrapping paper, and a festive atmosphere.

 Why Some People Don’t Considered a Christmas Movie

 Why Some People Don’t Considered a Christmas Movie

1. Genre and Tone

Some contend that the film’s intense, violent action doesn’t fit with the classic feel-good vibe connected to most Christmas movies. The tight, family-friendly vibe of vintage Christmas films may not be compatible with the graphic violence and action scenes.

2. Essential Focus on Action

Despite the film’s frequent use of the Christmas environment, its primary emphasis is still on the action and suspense rather than the holiday itself. The movie utilizes Christmas as a backdrop for its plot, unlike typical Christmas movies that focus on the season’s spirit.

3. All-Year-Long Watchability

The movie’s year-round and widespread appeal implies that its entertainment value is wider than the Christmas season. It is still a captivating film to see at any time of year, unlike movies designed to evoke the spirit of the holidays.

What are Bruce Willis and Steven E. de Souza’s thoughts on Whether it is a Christmas Movie or Not?

In 2017, Steven E. de Souza replied to a tweet, confirming that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

This was all the assurance some people needed. And for a little moment, it appeared like the argument was over.

However, Willis made a stir during a Comedy Central event in 2018. He participated in a stage roast with other famous Hollywood figures and concluded it with a provocative comment.

Willis proclaimed, “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.” The audience erupted, as one could anticipate.

There doesn’t appear to be an official response to this argument, with two of the most notable personalities publicly at odds with one other. However, that’s what makes it much more enjoyable!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does Die Hard Seem like a Christmas Movie to Certain People?

Some people claim that the film’s location during Christmas, with festive decorations, themes of family and redemption, and the usage of Christmas-related cliches, distinguishes it from others in the genre.

2. Why Are Some People Against Calling Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Some who oppose the film contend that action is more of the main focus than the festival. Some say it doesn’t fit the sentimental, family-friendly themes in vintage Christmas films.

3. Does the Controversy Influence How People Watch Die Hard?

Many find that the discussion adds a new level of interest and delight, making them want to rewatch the film over the holidays to look for Christmas-related nuances and enjoy the unusual way that action and celebration are juxtaposed.

Wrapping Up

One thing is evident in the continuous discussion about whether “Die Hard” qualifies as a Christmas film: the categorization is arbitrary and subject to interpretation. The argument continues because different people have different ideas on what constitutes a Christmas movie, despite the film’s Christmas setting, thematic aspects, and holiday references making a solid case.

Ultimately, the movie captures fans and adds a distinct and lively layer to the holiday movie lineup every year, regardless of whether it is perceived as a non-traditional festive picture or a classic action thriller with a Christmas touch.

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