Daniel Silva Books in Order (July 2024)

Daniel Silva Books in Order

Prolific author of spy fiction Daniel Silva is well-known for his compelling books that center on the fascinating character of Gabriel Allon. Silva has created an exciting series of novels that transport readers to the covert worlds of international intrigue, art restoration, and espionage via painstaking storytelling and complex narratives.

This brief guide lays out the sequential sequence of Daniel Silva’s engrossing Gabriel Allon series, making it possible for readers to immerse themselves in the compelling stories of espionage and discover how Allon’s persona has changed over time.

What are Daniel Silva’s Books All About?

What are Daniel Silva’s Books All About?

Daniel Silva is an American author known for his espionage and thriller novels, with a particular focus on the character Gabriel Allon, an Israeli intelligence operative and art restorer.

Silva’s books are generally classified within the spy thriller genre, combining elements of espionage, international intrigue, and political suspense. Books typically involve intricate plots centered around intelligence operations, espionage, and counterterrorism.

His stories often draw on real-world geopolitical events, adding a sense of realism and relevance to the narratives. Silva pays attention to character development, not only with Gabriel Allon but also with other recurring characters in the series.

Daniel Silva Books in Order

Daniel Silva Books in Order

Here’s a thorough overview of Daniel Silva’s exciting novels, arranged chronologically:

1. The Unlikely Spy (1996)

The Unlikely Spy (1996)

The book was first published in 1996. The story is set during World War II and revolves around espionage and counter-espionage activities.

The plot follows a British intelligence officer named Alfred Vicary, who is tasked with uncovering a German spy in England. As the Allies prepare for the D-Day invasion, Vicary must navigate a web of deceit and betrayal to identify the spy and prevent critical information from falling into enemy hands.

2. The Mark of the Assassin (1998)

The Mark of the Assassin (1998)

The story of this book revolves around an American citizen, Michael Osbourne, who works as one of the CIA’s most experienced agents. In this book, Osbourne becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a cunning assassin in an effort to avert a global catastrophe.

3. The Marching Season (1999)

The Marching Season (1999)

Michael Osbourne, a retired CIA man in The Marching Season, is dragged back into the dangerous realm of espionage. To keep the peace in Northern Ireland, Osbourne plays a lethal game of deceit with his father-in-law’s life in jeopardy.

Osbourne has another opportunity to take on the assassin directly, but he is unaware that he is just a piece in a bigger scheme.

4. The Kill Artist (2000)

The Kill Artist (2000)

This book explores the complicated background of an Israeli intelligence agent and art restorer, Gabriel Allon. He has retired from active service and is living a quiet life as an art restorer in Cornwall, England.

The story takes Allon on a mission to eliminate Tariq and prevent a potential terrorist attack. As he delves into the dangerous world of international espionage, he discovers a complex web of political intrigue, betrayal, and hidden agendas.

5. The English Assassin (2002)

The English Assassin (2002)

Having proven himself an accomplished espionage agent, Allon sets out to find the assassin going after a former British intelligence official in this book.

6. The Confessor (2002)

The Confessor (2002)

The book follows Gabriel Allon as he investigates a murder and uncovers a conspiracy involving stolen art and Nazi war criminals.

7. A Death in Vienna (2003)

A Death in Vienna (2003)

In this book, Allon faces up to traumatic emotions from his past and uncovers connections to the Nazi past while looking into the death of an art restorer.

8. Prince of Fire (2005)

Prince of Fire (2005)

Allon discovers a conspiracy that might rekindle the Israeli-Palestinian war while searching for a Palestinian terrorist.

9. The Messenger (2006)

The Messenger (2006)

In this book, Allon is hunting down a terrorist who has taken a lethal weapon, which sets up a stressful race against time.

10. The Secret Servant (2007)

The Secret Servant (2007)

Allon finds himself entangled in a web of political intrigue and betrayal while on a risky mission to save a kidnapped journalist.

11. Moscow Rules (2008)

Moscow Rules (2008)

Allon, who was dispatched to look into the death of a journalist in Russia, discovers a dangerously ambitious and vicious ex-KGB tycoon.

12. The Defector (2009)

The Defector (2009)

A high-stakes operation with worldwide implications is set in motion when Allon encounters a Russian defector with vital intelligence.

13. The Rembrandt Affair (2010)

The Rembrandt Affair (2010)

Allon is entangled in a scheme involving the murky past of World War II while searching for a stolen masterpiece.

14. Portrait of a Spy (2011)

Portrait of a Spy (2011)

The book revolves around Allon navigating the dangerous world of espionage and betrayal while going undercover to neutralize a terrorist threat.

15. The Fallen Angel (2012)

The Fallen Angel (2012)

Allon discovers a dark plot endangering the Church while investigating a murder in Vatican City in this novel.

16. The English Girl (2013)

The English Girl (2013)

When a young British lady disappears, Allon becomes entangled in a convoluted web of lies and political intrigue.

17. The Heist (2014)

The Heist (2014)

In this book, Allon goes on a mission to find a stolen painting that contains information essential to the country’s safety.

18. The English Spy (2015)

The English Spy (2015)

To track down a cold-blooded murderer who wants to kill a member who belongs to the British royal family, Allon links up with former MI6 agent Christopher Keller.

19. The Black Widow (2016)

The Black Widow (2016)

Allon navigates an environment of espionage and deceit as he hunts down a terrorist mastermind.

20. House of Spies (2017)

House of Spies (2017)

In “House of Spies,” Gabriel Allon is drawn back into the world of espionage and intelligence to pursue a terrorist mastermind responsible for a devastating attack in Paris. The story involves international intrigue, espionage, and the efforts of intelligence agencies to thwart a major threat.

21. The Other Woman (2018)

The Other Woman (2018)

Allon must navigate a dangerous world of betrayal and espionage while facing an old foe.

22. The New Girl (2019)

The New Girl (2019)

When a young girl with a shadowy history enters Allon’s life, he becomes sucked into a web of espionage.

23. The Order (2020)

The Order (2020)

Allon looks into the death of a personal secretary for a Pope and finds a hidden club with a long-standing grudge.

24. The Cellist (2021)

The Cellist (2021)

In The Cellist, Gabriell Allon hunts for a dangerous Russian tycoon who committed a horrifying cyberattack.

25. Portrait of an Unknown Woman (2022)

Portrait of an Unknown Woman (2022)

Portrait of an Unknown Woman is a brilliantly funny trip through the seedy underbelly of the art world.

26. The Collector (2023)

The Collector (2023)

The most challenging job yet for skilled spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon immerses readers in a world of global intrigue and high-stakes espionage. Allon must traverse a maze of deceit, betrayal, and hidden objectives as a string of art thefts reveals a covert conspiracy with far-reaching effects.

Where Can You Read Daniel Silva’s Books?

You can download these books from about 400 online retailers, including audible, and iTune. These books are also available at your local public library.

What is Next in the Daniel Silva Books Series?

Unti Silva Novel will be the upcoming book in the Daniel Silva collection, which will become available on 16 July 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Daniel Silva’s Books Interconnected?

There is consistency in the Gabriel Allon series, even though each book has a distinct narrative and can be read independently. When books are read in order, the characters and events are more cohesive and provide a more enjoyable reading experience.

2. Are Daniel Silva’s Books Appropriate for People Who Have Never Read an Espionage Thriller?

Of course! With a combination of espionage, intrigue, and well-rounded characters, Silva’s writing style is both readable and captivating for readers unfamiliar with the topic.

3. Are Daniel Silva’s Books Accessible as E-Books, Audiobooks, or in any Other Format?

Yes, readers have several alternatives to enjoy Daniel Silva’s captivating stories since his works are often available in hardback, paperback, audiobook, and e-book editions.

Wrapping Up

The Gabriel Allon trilogy by Daniel Silva is a gripping voyage through the worlds of international intrigue, art, and espionage. Silva creates a compelling narrative tapestry that spans decades and countries with detailed storytelling and a compelling protagonist. Fans of espionage fiction should not miss Silva’s works, as each book adds to the rich tapestry of the genre.

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