How Tall Are the Tren Twins? (July 2024)

How Tall Are the Tren Twins

Individually known as Christian Gaiera and Michael Gaiera are the Tren Twins. Today, our topic of discussion is the height of the Tren Twins. The answer is here, Michael is around 5 Feet 9 inches, and Christian is 5 feet 6 inches. 

In recent years, the Tren twins have taken social media by storm as two brothers stun everyone with their impressive bodybuilding and weightlifting videos. Keep reading the article to know more about these two famous twins. 

Who are Tren Twins?

Who are Tren Twins?

They are identical twin brothers, Michael Gaiera and Christian Gaiera. Born on 2 April 2001 in New York City, both are famous Youtubers and social media influencers are known for their incredible physique. 

The Tren twins have taken social media by storm with their impressive bodybuilding photos and videos. On their YouTube channel, The Tren Twins, they got 727K subscribers. They used to share workout routines on the channel.

Tren Twins Height

Tren Twins Height

These identical brothers’ ages may be the same, but their heights are not. As we have told you before, Christian Gaiera is around 5 feet 6 inches, and Michael is 5 feet 9 inches. 

Michael is 3 inches taller than Christian. But it is hard to tell the difference when they stand together. 

How Much Do They Weigh?

Like their height, the Tren twins’ weight is also different. Michael weighs around 87 Kg. On the other hand, Christian weighs about 85 Kg. In this, Michael is also heavier than Christian. 

However, we can’t say these are their actual weights as they are dedicated to their workout routines and used to change weights depending on their goals. They can change weight in the blink of an eye. 

But it is also a fact that as a bodybuilder, they know how to maintain their weight. So 87 and 85 kg may be the actual weights of the Tren Twins. 

Are The Tren Twins Natural?


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The Tren twins have always been in controversies regarding whether they’re being natural or not. People have been asking a lot about whether they are on steroids. The reason behind these raising questions is their name, Tren, as it incorporates the popular anabolic steroid, Trenbolone. 

However, the brothers have themselves announced that they have taken the drug known as Tren. During Alex Eubank’s podcast, they revealed that they are not natural athletes and they had completed a testosterone cycle. 

However, they declined the use of potent and prohibited steroids and any other banned substances. Despite declining, their fans still believe they heavily rely on these banned substances. 

The reason behind this is these brothers’ oversized shoulders, arms, and legs, which is often a sign of a heavy steroid intake. 

What Kind of Diet Are They Taking?

If they are not taking any steroids, a question arises about what kind of diet they are taking. In order to support their muscle growth, they follow a proper nutrition plan that matches the intensity of their training. 

Every day, the Tren Twins aim to consume around 2500 to 2800 calories. They believe in quality over quantity, which is why they prefer nutrient-dense food in their every meal. 

Talking about protein intake, they consume around 240 gm of protein daily. They know protein plays a crucial role in muscle repair and growth. Their protein sources include poultry, lean meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products. 

On the other hand, they consume around 120-140 gm per day in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Healthy fats are also vital parts of a diet, so they intake around 80-100 gm daily. 

However, this diet may change with time depending on their goals. Besides this nutritional diet, they intake supplements, such as creatine, protein powder, and BCAA, to enhance their training.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is Tren Twins?

Born on 2 April 2001, the Tren twins are around 21 years old. 

2. Do Tren Twins Consume Steroids?

Yes, they admitted that they are consuming steroids. But they also confirmed that they are not consuming prohibited steroids and any other banned substance. 

3. What is the Tren Twins Workout Routine?

Their workout routine is something like this; 

  1. Monday:- Back and Bicep 
  2. Tuesday:- Rest Day
  3. Wednesday:- Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps 
  4. Thursday:- Legs 
  5. Friday:- Arms 
  6. Saturday:- Chest 
  7. Sunday:- Rest Day 

Wrapping Up

That’s all we have regarding the Tren twins’ height. Apart from that, we have also discussed their workout routines and nutritional plans. After seeing their hard work and dedication towards fitness and bodybuilding, I believe their career will be very bright in the coming years. 

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