Who is Tony Finau’s Wife Alayna Finau? (July 2024)

Tony Finau Wife

Tony Finau is a professional golfer, and his wife Alayna is a significant and encouraging person. Beyond being a golfer’s spouse, Alayna contributes considerably to Tony’s personal and professional achievements by bringing her qualities, resiliency, and passion to their shared path.

Although Tony’s skill has brought him fame, Alayna has been Tony’s pillar of support along this trip. So, let’s get right into the topic without further ado.

Who is Tony Finau’s wife – Alayna Finau?

Alayna Finau

Full Name
Alayna Galea’i-Finau
Date of Birth
10 August 1990
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
33 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Tony Finau
5 Feet 6 inches
65 kg
Net Worth

The devoted and encouraging spouse of professional golfer Tony Finau is Alayna Galea’i-Finau. In addition to being a golfer’s girlfriend, Alayna has a distinguished athletic history, having excelled in volleyball as a young girl.

Her athletic background and success as a volleyball player allowed for a mutual understanding of the demands of competitive athletics. When Alayna first met Tony as a teenager, she became his steadfast support system, helping him through successes and setbacks.

She has inspired many people with her dedication to family, community involvement, and powerful presence beside Tony. She also serves as a symbol of the resilience and cohesion of the Finau family.

She is a Philanthropist, Just Like Her Husband

Both husband and wife own a charitable organization named Tony Finau Foundation that aims to inspire youth and their families to achieve the best of their gifts from education and wellness.

They launched various initiatives, including Tony’s Turkeys to provide Thanksgiving meals and Birdies for Books to provide books to unprivileged kids. During the pandemic, Tony and Alayna donated $100,000 to produce 5 million masks for healthcare workers.

How and When Did Tony Finau and Alayna Galea’i-Finau First Meet Each Other?

How and When Did Tony Finau and Alayna Galea'i-Finau First Meet Each Other?

The relationship between Tony and Alayna began while they were teenagers. More documentation may have been needed on the specifics of their initial encounter, but they were young when they met.

Though it’s unknown how Tony initially met Alayna, we do know that they are an ideal match because of their many shared values, origins, and fundamental beliefs. This includes their shared Polynesian ancestry, their large, close-knit families in which they were raised with six and four siblings, respectively, and their devout members of the LDS Church.

Alayna’s volleyball skills and Tony’s budding golf career contributed to the growth of their friendship, which was based on respect and shared interests.

Over time, their connection deepened and strengthened, becoming a long-lasting partnership characterized by steadfast support, mutual appreciation, and a shared journey through Tony’s professional golf career.

When did the Couple get Married?

When did the Couple get Married?

12 May 2012, Mother’s Day, was the occasion when Tony and Alayna tied the knot. However, there is nothing available about where their wedding took place. Over the years later, they remain incredibly loving.

In 2022, the pair celebrated their 10-year marriage anniversary by having a teppanyaki dinner. Alayna shared a series of photos and a video of her enjoying dinner with Tony with a sweet caption.

Although they haven’t disclosed their dating history or public meeting method, Alayna has provided some insight into their early years as parents. As they played “how mom and dad met trivia,” she and Tony couldn’t stop laughing.”

Do Alayna and Tony Finau have Kids?

Do Alayna and Tony Finau have Kids?

Tony and Alayna are parents to five stunning kids: Jraice, Leilene “Neenee” Aiaga, Tony, Sage, and Sienna-Vee. Before the birth of Sienna-Vee, Tony expressed a desire to expand their family.

He said, “We’d like to have one more, at least.” “We’ll do five or six. Our families are large. Large families are something that most Polynesians like.

After the birth of their fifth child, Sienna-Vee, in 2021, Tony was overjoyed and shared a picture of the baby on his Instagram handle with the caption.


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Are Tony and Alayna Still Together?

Regarding enduring life’s highs and lows, Tony and Alayna are an unbreakable duo. Throughout Tony’s career, Alayna has remained at his side, providing constant support and being a source of strength, demonstrating their enduring bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Alayna Finau’s Age?

Born on 10 August 1990, Alayna is 33 years old.

2. What is Alayna Finau’s Height?

As per the information, Alayna is 5 Feet 6 inches tall.

3. Where is Alayna Finau From?

Alayna is from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

4. What is Tony Finau’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Tony’s net worth is estimated to be around $13 million.

Wrapping Up

The wife of professional golfer Tony Finau, Alayna Galea’i-Finau, is a living example of unity, fortitude, and steadfast support throughout their shared journey. She is more than just a golfer’s partner. Her stronghold on family, community service, and her husband’s profession have made her an inspiration to many.

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