Suzanne Marie Sevakis Bio and Cause of Death (June 2024)

Who is Suzanne Marie Sevakis

This real-life story of how a psychopath who married & murdered his step-daughter, covered by the Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture, will give you chills down your spine.

During Franklin Floyd- a criminal/murderer/rapist trials in 2014, some unimaginable secrets were spilled out, which traumatized the entire world.

This upside-down case of Suzzane Marie Sevakis was in and out, stricken with deceptions unveiled by the convict Franklin Floyd himself during his confessions.

Who was Suzanne Marie Sevakis?

Full Name
Suzzane Marie Sevakis
Professional Name
Suzanne Sevakis
Date of Birth
North California, U.S.
Death date
Age at the time of death
21 years
Zodiac sign
Marital Status
Franklin Delano Floyd
Media Face, Stripper, and Entrepreneur
Net Worth
USD 350-400K

Sharon Marshall

Suzanne Marie Sevakis was an entrepreneur and a club stripper destined to a mysterious death and was born into a well-settled family. Some famous names Suzanne was known with were Suzanne Davis, Sharon Marshall, Tonya Tadlock, and Tonya Hughes.

She was kidnapped by a man identified as a rapist, murderer, psychopath, and titled with other much worse adjectives who married and exploited her from the age of four.

It turns out that he was no one but her stepfather Franklin Floyd. The story of Suzzane’s death via a hit-and-run accident is spiraled enough not to sound believable.

Early Life, Family and Education

Father’s NameCliff Sevakis
Mother’s NameSandra Chipman
SiblingsAllison Amy and Phillip Steven Brandenburg
ChildrenSon: Michael Hughes
Daughter: Megan Dufresne

Suzanne Marie Sevakis was born on 9 September 1969 in North Carolina, United States. She was born to Cliff Sevakis and Sandra Chipman. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you any further information regarding her childhood.

Educational Background

School Name
Local Private School
University Name

Suzanne Marie Sevakis’ Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Height in m
1.67 m
Height in cm
167 cm
Height in inches
5 Feet 6 inches
Weight in Kg
55 Kg
Weight in pounds
121 Lbs
Hair Color
Eye color

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Murder Mystery

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Murder Mystery

Suzanne, during her abuse period, got pregnant but not with Floyd’s son but rather with another man who she had an affair with. His name was Kevin Brown. Fearing that the disclosure of news might cost her her baby’s death, she lied to Floyd.

Suzzane had to marry her stepfather, faking for Floyd to be her child’s father. She was hit by a truck on her 21st birthday while shopping on a spring day in 1990 in Oklahoma City.

Investigation into her murder mystery started in 2013 by the Oklahoma division FBI. The needle of suspicion stopped at his husband, Clarence Hughes (Floyd), as he disappeared after giving their son to a foster cage after Suzanne’s death.

The true identity of the man then came to light. The case was referred to as the “Tonya Hughes Murder Mystery” until the deep dark secrets regarding the matter were out.

Suzanne Marie Savakis Murderer- Franklin Delano Floyd

Franklin Floyd was a psychic person who married and then killed her daughter. The disturbing tale of his crime came to light through Netflix’s documentary Girl in the Picture.

Franklin, keeping his true identity anonymous, married a mother of Four in 1975. The name of the woman whom he was trapped into marrying was Sandi Chipman. It was Sandi’s third marriage.

Sandi married Franklin, who introduced himself to her as Brandon Williams. Sandi was jailed for 30 days due to committing a minor law infringement.

She, with due trust, had given custody of her four children to Franklin, unaware of his criminal history, which turns out to be her biggest mistake.

Suzanne was born to Sandi Chipman and her first husband with three other kids and was the oldest kid.

Franklin gave two of the daughters to two different child foster groups and abducted the other two kids with him, one of whom was a boy named Philip. He did this intentionally to make finding the children complicated for Sandi.

Franklin killed Philip and took the oldest daughter Suzanne with him.

He raised her to marry her eventually. This complicated truth regarding Suzanne’s childhood was revealed much later, all branching off from Sharon Marshall hit and run case.

Midst Suzanne’s(Tonya Hughes) hit-and-run case investigation Floyd’s criminal record of being a wanted criminal came to light. He is now on death row in a Florida prison.

Lesser Unknown Facts About Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Girl in the Picture

  1. She absconded with her boyfriend to Alabama, but Floyd found her and took her along with him, leaving a note for her boyfriend for her to have gone along with her father.
  2. During her childhood, Suzanne had to go through constant sexual abuse by her stepfather Floyd.
  3. Floyd forced Suzanne into marrying him, changing their names to Tonya Hughes and Clarence Hughes, respectively.
  4. Suzanne had two children, Michael Anthony and Megan Dufresne.
  5. She gave birth to Michael in 1988 in Tampa, who was her boyfriend’s son.
  6. Suzzane died at the age of twenty in a hit-and-run case later discovered as a much more complicated plotted murder.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. When was Suzanne Sevakis Born?

Suzanne was born on September 9, 1969, in the United States.

Q. When Suzzane Sevakis died?

Suzanne died on 30 April 1990 due to a vehicle accident.

Q. Where is Franklin Delano Floyd Now?

Franklin Delano Floyd is on death row. He is currently(2022) 79 years old.

Q. Where was Suzzane Sevakis buried?

Sevakis was buried in Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, US.


Netflix documented this heart-wrenching & tear-jerking story in Girl in the Picture. In the Netflix original documentary, the real children of Suzanne took active participation. Suzanne died at the age of twenty, leaving behind her grieving tale of brutal abuse by the pedo Franklin Floyd. Thankfully the captor/murderer is at his deserving position at Florida State’s prison.

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