Markiplier Girlfriend Amy Nelson – Everything to Know (July 2024)

Markiplier Girlfriend Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson is Markiplier’s girlfriend, a well-liked YouTuber known for his captivating demeanor and gaming-related material. Nelson is a talented graphic designer and animator known online as Peebles, who has gained recognition for her artistic endeavors and contributions to Markiplier’s channel and goods.

Despite leading prominent online lives, both people have remained private about their relationships, occasionally offering peeks into each other’s lives but keeping specifics hidden from the public. So, let’s get right into our topic, Markiplier’s girlfriend.

Who is Markiplier’s Girlfriend – Amy Nelson?

Who is Markiplier's Girlfriend - Amy Nelson?

Full Name
Amy Nelson
Date of Birth
21 March 1994
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
29 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
5 Feet 4 inches
55 kg
Graphic designer, illustrator
Net Worth
$400 thousand

Amy Nelson, a versatile artist and graphic designer most known for her relationship with the well-known YouTuber Markiplier, goes by the online handle Peebles.

She has collaborated with Markiplier to add her unique style to their channel and items, in addition to her solo endeavors. Even though Nelson would much rather live a solitary life, her connection to her boyfriend has brought her attention and appreciation from followers, and she has even made a cameo in their shared films and social media posts.

She chooses to keep her personal information purposefully private. However, her commitment to her work and involvement in the online creative community is still essential to her online identity.

How and When Did Amy Nelson and Markiplier First Meet?

How and When Did Amy Nelson and Markiplier First Meet?

It has been eight years since Nelson and Markiplier started dating. Despite their silence over the circumstances of their initial meeting, rumors claimed they first connected in 2015.

But they weren’t seen together in public until 2016 when they attended VidCon, an annual conference for internet businesses, fans, influencers, and executives in Los Angeles. Accordingly, their official dating history dates back to 2016.

Nelson promptly disclosed on Twitter that they were dating, saying they had been acquainted since the end of 2015. The same year, she debuted in a video named Don’t Laugh Challenge#5 on Markiplier’s YouTube channel.

Since then, she’s made many appearances in Markiplier’s films and has established herself as a recognized face to his fans.

Is Markiplier Married to Amy Nelson?

Is Markiplier Married to Amy Nelson?

No, Nelson and Markiplier are still in the dating phase. In September 2023, they celebrated their sixth anniversary, a significant turning point in their relationship.

The pair have persevered in supporting one another despite obstacles and criticism from some people claiming to be Mark’s followers. They haven’t formally declared their plans to be married, but there have been persistent rumors that they could be engaged throughout the years.

How did Markilplier’s fans React to his relationship with Amy Nelson?

How did Markilplier’s fans React to his relationship with Amy Nelson?

Fans frequently express interest in seeing her in his videos, compliment her on her content-creation abilities, and express admiration for the two of them combined. The pair routinely posts glimpses of their good times and love for one another while not disclosing much information to the public about their personal lives or romantic relationships.

Nelson’s reputation has grown even more due to her essential parts in her boyfriend’s works, particularly his live-action videos. She also appears in the “Markiplier Makes” series as a judge.

Through this, she has gained a lot of respect from well-known YouTuber followers, which has helped her succeed in social media.

Are Markiplier and Amy Nelson Still Together?

Recently, false reports have been circulating online claiming that the pair split up in 2022. It is crucial to emphasize that these rumors are untrue. It also needs to be discovered why this conjecture is being held.

In October 2022, Markiplier shared a picture of themselves on Instagram with the message, “I found my wallet,” in honor of their sixth anniversary.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Markiplier (@markiplier)

Even though their relationship has undoubtedly seen its share of difficulties, Nelson and Markiplier are still together and have remained supportive of one another. Everyone who cared to look could see how happy they were together.

However, little is known about the couple’s goals or viewpoints toward marriage. Whatever the case, they are obviously in love and have a devoted relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Amy Nelson’s Height?

Nelson stands 5 feet 4 inches (162 centimeters) tall.

2. What is Amy Nelson’s Net Worth?

As per the reports, Nelson’s estimated net worth is around $400 thousand.

3. How Old is Amy Nelson?

Born on 21 March 1994, Nelson is 29 years old.

4. What is Markiplier’s Net Worth?

As per information on the internet, he has a net worth of $45 million.

5. When did Amy Nelson start her YouTube channel?

Amy Nelson started her YouTube channel “Aimless Adventures” in 2016.

6. What type of content does Amy Nelson create on her channel?

Amy Nelson creates various content, including vlogs, travel videos, lifestyle content, and occasional collaborations with other YouTubers.

7. Is Amy Nelson associated with any other YouTube channels or creators?

Amy Nelson is known for her relationship with popular YouTuber Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach), and she occasionally appears in his videos and vlogs.

Wrapping Up

Amy Nelson, Markiplier’s girlfriend, is still a fascinating character in the internet world because of her creative abilities and connection to the well-known YouTuber. Her sporadic appearances and contributions to Markiplier’s work have won her over fans.

Respect has been earned for the couple’s dedication to upholding boundaries in their relationship, which has helped them manage their personal and professional lives.

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