Who is Mark Selby’s Wife Vikki Layton? (July 2024)

Mark Selby wife Vikki Layton

Mark Selby stands out in the world of professional snooker not just for his extraordinary skill on the green baize but also for his touching love story with his wife, Vikki Layton. The three-time Masters champion has acknowledged his ongoing struggle with depression and praised his wife, Vikki, for her support.

The connection between Selby and Layton has won over fans’ hearts and demonstrated that love and support are essential elements of success, as Selby has dominated the snooker world with his extraordinary talents. This article will examine Mark Selby and his wife Vikki Layton’s relationship tale.

Vikki Layton – Mark Selby’s Wife?

Who is Vikki Layton - Mark Selby’s Wife?

Full Name
Vikki Layton
Date of Birth
Ipswich, England
31 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Mark Selby
5 Feet 5 inches
55 Kg
International Pool Player
Net Worth
$3 million

Selby’s spouse, Vicky Layton, used to compete internationally in the Irish pool. According to a report, she took part in two snooker events between 2003 and 2004. She participated in the Ladies European Championship in Jersey and the WEPF Ladies World Championship in Blackpool in 2003.

Layton participated in it, and like the first one, she advanced to the semifinals before losing to rival pool player Barbara Taylor. She only participated in a few events throughout her professional pool-playing career, but she now appears to be moving in the right direction due to her marriage.

Even though she no longer plays pool, Layton continues to cheer on her husband throughout his snooker bouts.

When and How Did Mark Selby and Vikki Layton First Meet Each Other?

When and How Did Mark Selby and Vikki Layton First Meet Each Other?

In their native Leicester, England, Selby and Layton initially got to know one another. Selby had just recently begun to establish a reputation for himself in the world of professional snooker at the time.

Snooker enthusiast Layton was impressed by Selby’s commitment to and enthusiasm for the game. Their first encounter subsequently developed into a loving connection. Layton has consistently supported Selby’s snooker career over the years, and their love has persisted through the hardships and victories that come with the professional sports lifestyle.

About Their Engagement and Marriage

About Their Engagement and Marriage

After dating for several years, the couple got married in 2011. Only close ones were present at their wedding. Since then, the couple has started a family, welcoming their daughter Sofia Maria Selby in 2014. The love story of Mark Selby and Vikki Layton is frequently cited as a touching illustration of how to blend a fruitful professional life with a loving family.

Mark Selby’s Wife’s Cancer Struggle: Is She Well Now?

Fans are curious how Selby’s wife is doing right now. Vikki Layton is doing well and healing despite the fact that the specific form of cancer with which she has been diagnosed is yet unclear.

It has been suggested that she could have cancer. However, it is unclear how many of these rumors are true. In the year 2023, Layton is still healthy and alive.

How Vikki Layton Helped Mark Selby to Fight His Mental Health Battle?

In a recent interview, Mark Selby said he has been dealing with depression. But he thanked his wife for help in his mental health battle. In a 2022 interview, Selby noted that his long-term struggles with depression and anxiety have had an impact on how well he plays snooker.

Selby said that he began having mental health problems in 2015 and that things finally got difficult for him during the COVID-19 epidemic when he had to spend a lot of time away from his family. Currently, Selby is disease-free, owing to his lovely and devoted wife.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Mark Selby’s First Wife?

Vikki Layton is the first and only wife of Selby.

2. How Old is Mark Selby?

As of 2023, Shelby is around 40 years old.

3. How Tall is Mark Selby?

Selby is 6 feet tall.

4. What is Mark Selby’s Net Worth?

According to the estimates, Selby’s estimated net worth is around $12 million.

Wrapping Up

Vikki Layton, Mark Selby’s wife, is a dependable spouse and a crucial source of support in his life. Their love story is a powerful illustration of how commitment, selflessness, and unwavering support can result in personal and professional success.

Fans of Selby may find comfort in knowing that he has a supportive family behind him as he continues to excel on the snooker stage. The love story of Selby and Layton is proof of the strength of affection and dedication.

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