Magic Johnson’s Son, Wife, Rings, Height and Sexuality (July 2024)

Magic Johnson

Few names have the same significance and respect in the world of basketball as Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Johnson, a player whose on-court charisma was just as alluring as his off-court charm, went beyond the bounds of his sport to become a universal figure.

His exceptional abilities, contagious grin, and unshakable commitment have made an enduring impression on the basketball world and beyond. In this article, we will cover all the aspects of his life, So without any ado, let’s begin.

Who is Magic Johnson?

Who is Magic Johnson?

Full Name
Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr.
Professional Name
Magic Johnson
Date of Birth
Lansing, Michigan, USA
64 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Professional Basketball Player, Entrepreneur
Net Worth
$620 Million

On 14 August 1959, the basketball legend Magic Johnson was born. He was a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association.

His reputation as the most outstanding point guard of all time has led to repeated comparisons to Stephen Curry. He started his career with the Los Angeles Lakers for a total of 13 seasons after being chosen first overall by them in the 1979 NBA Draft. With the Lakers, he won five NBA titles.

Early Life, Family, and Education

Early Life, Family, and Education

Father’s NameEarvin Johnson Sr.
Mother’s NameChristine Johnson
SiblingsLarry Johnson
Pearl Johnson
Michael Johnson
Kim Johnson
Mary Johnson
Evelyn Johnson
Yvonne Johnson
Quincy Johnson
Lois Johnson
WifeCookie Johnson

Earvin Johnson Jr. was raised in Lansing, Michigan, among nine siblings. His mother was a school custodian, while his father worked in a General Motors plant. Young Johnson kept himself occupied by playing basketball and singing with his friends on street corners.

Educational Background

Educational Background

School Name
Everett High School
University Name
Michigan State University

He also worked with his father, and his friends bullied him by calling him “Garbage Man.” Johnson won the state title with his Everett High School squad in 1977. His throwing and ball-handling prowess earned him the nickname “Magic.” Following that, he went to Michigan State University.

In his second season, Larry Bird’s Indiana State University squad defeated Michigan State to claim the national college basketball title. Larry Bird would later become a star for the Boston Celtics. After scoring twenty-four points, Johnson was selected as the Most Valuable Player.

Magic Johnson’s Body Stats

Magic Johnson’s Body Stats

Height in m
2.06 m
Height in cm
206 cm
Height in inches
6 Feet 7 Inches
Weight in Kg
100 kg
Weight in pounds
220 pounds
Hair colour
Eye colour

About His Career

The former NBA player from the United States credits Bill Russell for encouraging him to take up the sport. Johnson, who was raised by modest parents in Michigan, always wanted to improve his parents’ lot in life.

Despite the school’s documented instances of prejudice, he ended up becoming the most outstanding junior high school player at Everett High School. His college admissions decision finally went in favor of Michigan State, which was close to home.

Coach Jud Heathcote informed him that he could play point guard, and he viewed this as a significant step toward getting chosen in the NBA draft. 1979 was the year when the Los Angeles Lakers selected Johnson.

Johnson said that getting to play with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the pinnacle of his NBA career. A positive HIV/AIDS test before the 1991–1992 NBA season almost made Johnson’s fortune disappear. At that point, he officially disclosed his favorable situation and declared his retirement.

Johnson is a businessman who achieved superstar status. Early in his career, after witnessing his colleague Abdul-Jabbar lose millions to dishonest business advisors, he began to pay attention to his finances.

He had a net worth of more than $100 million by 1996. Johnson delivered talks and featured in advertisements endorsing companies, much like other famous athletes. He traveled with his Magic Johnson All-Stars, playing exhibition games against international basketball teams for big money. Moreover, he temporarily held a chat show on television.

How Many Rings Does Magic Johnson Have?

During his NBA career, Magic Johnson earned five championship rings. Interestingly, the Los Angeles Lakers were the team that won all of these titles. These triumphs, which took place in 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988, further cemented his reputation in the basketball world.

They not only strengthened his individual reputation but also established the Lakers as one of the best teams in the league at the time.

These rings each stand for the years of abrasion, tenacity, and unwavering spirit that Johnson brought to the court.

About His Net Worth

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. would go on to establish himself as one of the most recognizable athletes. Johnson had a terrific career on the court, but he also excelled in a variety of rewarding undertakings off the court. The 61-year-old Multi-talented personality has an estimated net worth of over $620 million.

Is Magic Johnson Gay?

Various rumors claimed that Johnson was gay or bisexual. But during a press conference, he made it clear that none of the words were correct.

Who is Magic Johnson’s Wife?

Who is Magic Johnson’s Wife?

Johnson is a devoted spouse to Cookie Johnson and a family man. The couple has three children: a girl, Elisa, and two sons, Andre and EJ. The love of a family is embodied through Cookie. When Johnson made his HIV status public in 1992, she stood by his side.

Cookie was significantly pregnant with EJ at the time and had to face a lot of problems and negativity. But despite having a low net worth at that time, Johnson managed to survive the public scorn his family endured.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For What Reason did Magic Johnson retire from Basketball?

Johnson’s HIV positivity prompted his retirement in 1992.

2. How Much Money Did Magic Johnson Earn During His Basketball Playing Career?

Magic made slightly over $18 million in salaries and an additional several million dollars in endorsements during his playing career.

3. How Old is Magic Johnson?

As of 2023, Magic age is around 64 years old.

4. What is Magic Johnson’s Height?

Johnson’s height is around 6 feet 7 inches.

Wrapping Up

Magic Johnson has had an incredible influence on both society and the sports world. Fans were delighted by his basketball abilities, his advocacy efforts helped de-stigmatize a worldwide health catastrophe, and his business endeavors created a lasting impression on the business community.

Johnson’s path serves as an example of the strength of skill and the capacity to use one’s platform for good. His reputation as a legend on and off the court will likely go on for many years.

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