Kevin Gates Story: Know About Kevin Gates Wife Dreka (July 2024)

Kevin Gates Story

Rapper and hip-hop musician Kevin Gates—real name Kevin Jerome Gilyard, has a remarkable life narrative filled with perseverance and atonement. Gates was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He had many difficulties and setbacks throughout his life but overcame them with his music and unyielding will.

We’ll explore Kevin Gates’ story in this article, focusing on his early years, hardships, ascent to popularity, and influence on the hip-hop scene and town.

Who is Kevin Gates?

Who is Kevin Gates?

Full Name
Kevin Jerome Gilyard
Professional Name
Kevin Gates
Date of Birth
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US
38 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
Net Worth
$1 Million

Born on 5 February 1986, Gates began performing music in his grandmother’s cellar while growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In January 2021, he disclosed during an interview with Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast that he began rapping at a young age to escape his circumstances.

He may be considered one of the most successful contemporary vocalists in America, having put out a number of hit singles and mixtapes throughout the course of his career.

Along with rappers Webster Gradney, also known as Webbie, and Torrence Hatch, Gates gained notoriety in the late 2000s. He started his career in 2005 after signing to the local label Dead Game Records.

Early Life, Family, and Education


Father’s NameUnknown
Mother’s NameMartha Green Gates
SiblingsBrandon Gilyard
WifeDreka Gates
ChildrenKhaza Kamil Gates
Islah Koren Gates

Gates had a difficult upbringing and was exposed to the complex reality of living on the streets while being raised by his grandmother. From an early age, Gates found comfort in music, which he used as a means of escape from the difficulties in his life.

Educational Background

School Name
Local school
University Name
Baton Community College

Kevin Gates Found Himself in Legal Trouble Throughout his Life

Regretfully, at the age of 13, Gates found himself in legal trouble for joyriding in a stolen vehicle as a passenger and was sentenced to more than two years in jail. Through a prison education program, he pursued and completed a Master’s degree in psychology during this time. He was released early since he had behaved well. He started working on his music when he was released from jail.

Gates was involved in illicit activity when he was a teenager, which resulted in many run-ins with the authorities. He was ultimately imprisoned for a number of misdeeds, some of which had to do with drugs.

He realized he needed to make changes in his life while incarcerated. During this period, he resolved to change his life and started concentrating on his love of music.

Kevin Gates’s Body Stats

Kevin Gates’s Body Stats

Height in m
1.88 m
Height in cm
188 cm
Height in inches
6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight in Kg
92 kg
Weight in pounds
202 pounds
Hair colour
Eye colour



After his debut album’s release, Gates became more well-known as a solo artist after working with several renowned musicians over the years.

The record showcased Gates’ gifts as well as his profound, thought-provoking lyrics, which address issues like poverty and despair. Because he has been arrested multiple times for different offenses, he frequently raps about his experiences in prison.

With his signing to the local label Dead Game Records in 2005, Gates got his start in the music industry. The rise of Gates from the streets of New Orleans to the highest levels of the hip-hop business is a remarkable journey.

He is well-known for writing accurate, intense lyrics and gave a number of hit albums, including “Islah” and “Luca Brasi 3.” His songs have struck a chord with a broad audience because they frequently explore adversity, self-discovery, and personal development themes.

In addition to his music, Gates is well-known for his charitable work and support of mental health awareness, exhibiting a dedication to having a good influence inside and outside the music industry.

“Islah,” his first studio album, was available in January 2016. The album became a massive hit with hits like “2 Phones,” “Time for That,” and “Really Really.” In its first week of release, it sold 93,000 copies in the US and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. Additionally, it was ranked 16th on the Canadian Albums Chart.


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Kevin Gates’ Net Worth

An American rapper and singer has a $1 million net worth. His music career and various endorsement deals have contributed a lot to his extraordinary fortune.

Who is Kevin Gates’ Wife?

Who is Kevin Gates’ Wife?

Gates is married to an actress, entrepreneur, social media star, and internet sensation, Dreka Gates. She was born on 31 August 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 2002, Dreka started dating each other.

The pair even started a record production label named Bread Winners’ Association. 2015, they had a grand, luxurious wedding ceremony after dating for 12 years. Being an internet sensation, Dreka used to hesitate to join social media.

She said Gates encouraged her to create and use a social media account. Recently, rumors have spread out over the internet that Dreka and Gates are looking for a breakup. But there is no confirmation from their side.

Does Kevin Gates have Kids?

Does Kevin Gates have Kids?

Kevin and Dreka are parents to two children: a boy, Khaza Kamil, born on 10 May 2014, and a girl, Islah Koren, born on 30 November 2012.

Both of the couple’s children were born before they were married, and ever since, they have avoided drawing attention to their personal life. Gates links Dreka’s choice not to vaccinate her children to the fact that she gave birth to both of them at home.

Is Kevin Gates Bisexual?

Gates hasn’t talked about his sexuality publicly. So, it is difficult to say whether he is bisexual or not. But as he is married and blessed with two children, it is obvious Gates is straight.

However, the rumors of Gates being bisexual started spreading after he posted a freestyle video with the caption; He is about d*ck, too. Due to this post, Gates’ fans started thinking he was gay.

But it is not like that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is Kevin Gates?

Born on 5 February 1986, Gates is 38 years old.

2. Who is Kevin Gates’ Wife?

Dreka Haynes, a social media influencer, is Kevin Gates’ wife.

3. How Kevin Gates Became Famous?

In 2007, Gates rose to fame after the release of the mixtape Pick of Da Litter.

Wrapping Up

Kevin Gates’ story is a monument to the strength of fortitude and salvation. From a difficult childhood in New Orleans to a prosperous career in music, Gates has surmounted many challenges to establish himself as a significant hip-hop personality.

He has gained the affection of his admirers and inspired many due to his genuineness in revealing his hardships.

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