Keke Palmer Boyfriend and Pregnancy (July 2024)

Keke Palmer is a multifaceted talent known for her acting works, musical abilities, and vibrant personality. She has captured the hearts of many with her performances on screen.

While her professional achievements are widely recognized, her personal life has also been a subject of interest for her fans. Her romantic endeavors, particularly her relationship with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, have garnered attention.

Let’s delve into Plamer’s journey in love with Jackson.

Who is Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend – Darius Jackson?

Darius Jackson

Full Name
Darius Jackson
Date of Birth
Pennsylvania, United States
28 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
5 Feet 9 inches
75 Kg
Fitness Instructor
Net Worth
$1 million

Jackson works in the entertainment and fitness sectors. His early years are unknown. However, he is said to have played a variety of sports growing up and had a football scholarship to Fresno State University, according to a fitness profile.

Jackson used to sleep late on the weekends before checking out his options for hanging out with friends and family or going to the movies alone.

He maintains a shallow profile on social media but occasionally shares pictures of himself traveling, acting, and hanging out with pals.

Facts About Keke Palmer Partner

Palmer and Jackson allegedly met at Rae and Diddy’s Memorial Day party in May 2021 after the star of “True Jackson, VP” made a quick appearance in a Season 5 episode of “Insecure.” Since then, Palmer and Jackson have kept their relationship a secret.

They finally made their Instagram account public in August 2021, but by the spring of 2022, people had realized they had erased practically all their images.

When did the Couple Make their Relationship Public?

The couple made their public debut after five months of being together. Palmer sat on Jackson’s knee with his arms around her, and a photographer snapped this sweet picture of the two.

Palmer told Bustle that Jackson’s “boss behavior” made her decide to go public with him, adding that she does “whatever the hell” she wants. She said, “This is the happiest I’ve ever felt with someone.” So why would I make an effort to hide this person? That requires a lot more effort than merely existing in and participating in my life. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Is Keke Palmer Pregnant?

While hosting Saturday Night Live, Palmer announced she was expecting her first child. She remarked, displaying her baby belly, “People have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke’s having a kid,’ ‘Keke’s pregnant,’ and I want to clear the air—I am.

Jackson also celebrated the news of Palmer’s pregnancy by sharing a sweet photo of her from a dining outing on her Instagram story.

Leodis Andrellton Jackson, their son, was born on 25 February 2023. Baby Leo’s arrival was announced by Palmer on Instagram, along with a caption about what the first 48 hours were like for new parents.


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Palmer also shared an Instagram reel on her Father’s Day, featuring photos and videos of Jackson and Baby Leo spending fun time with each other.

Are Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Still Together?

No, the couple split up after two years of dating. The reason behind their separation was Jackson sparked controversy when he publicly criticized Palmer’s dress worn to an Usher concert in early July.

Jackson responds to the video of her from the concert, saying it’s the outfit, though, you a mom. Later, he added more things to the statement. We are living in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t need a wife and mother to his kids who showcase his booty to please others.

However, Palmer didn’t respond to any of his statements directly. But later, she did begin sharing I’m a MOTHA statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Keke Palmer’s Partner?

Palmer was in a relationship with a fitness instructor, Darius Jackson. Unfortunately, after two years of dating, they got separated.

2. When did Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Welcome Their First Child?

On 25 February 2023, the couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful son named Leodis Andrellton Jackson, aka Baby Leo.

3. What is Keke Palmer’s Age?

Born on 26 August 1993, Palmer is 30 years old.

4. What is Keke Palmer’s Net worth?

According to various reports, Keke Palmer has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million.

Wrapping Up

Keke Palmer has faced both highs and lows with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson. They enjoyed each other’s company during their time of dating. They even gave birth to a beautiful son, Baby Leo.

But unfortunately, Palmer and Jackson split up after Jackson made some harsh comments publicly about her clothes worn to an Usher concert.

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