Justin Thomas Wife: Who is Jillian Wisniewski (July 2024)

Justin Thomas Wife

Justin Thomas, an American professional golfer, is winning in both their personal and professional life. Not only did he win the 2022 PGA championship, but he is also backed by the love of his life, Jillian Wisniewski.

While Thomas commands attention on the golf course, Jillian’s life off the fairways is equally intriguing and inspiring. Supporting each other in highs and lows proves their bond is pure love.

The article below will explain a pro golfer’s wife, Jillian Wisniewski, and their love life.

Who is Justin Thoma’s wife- Jillian Wisniewski?

Jillian Wisniewski

Full Name
Jillian Wisniewski
Date of Birth
Chicago, United States
30 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Justin Thomas (2022-present)
5 Feet 3 inches
56 Kg
Production Business Manager at McGarryBowen
Net Worth
$100 thousand

Apart from being known as the wife of a pro golfer, Jillian is a production business manager at an advertising company in Chicago, McGarryBowen. Some other job positions are also there in her resume, such as reporter, producer, anchor, and writer for the UK Student News Network.

In May 2015, she graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in journalism. Her parents are Rose Wisniewski and Bruce Wisniewski. Jillian is not a single child to her parents. She has two brothers named Joseph and Mark.

No further information regarding her personal and professional life is available online.

How and When Did Justin Thomas and Jillian Wisniewski FIrst Meet Each Other?

How and When Did Justin Thomas and Jillian Wisniewski FIrst Meet Each Other?

Unfortunately, we cannot inform you about their first meeting. But we definitely know that Jillian and Thomas have dated for five years. During an appearance on a podcast, Thomas said I have a place in Nashville where I’ll go for Thanksgiving with my family and Jillian.

After five years of dating each other, the couple got engaged. However, their engagement wasn’t surprising for their fans, as Thomas often shared photos of himself with Jillian on Instagram.

Since then, she has supported him at every point of his life. She has been spotted in Thomas’ every golf tournament.

When Did the Couple Get Married?

When Did the Couple Get Married?

In November 2022, Jillian and Thomas exchanged vows during a private ceremony in Franklin, Tennessee. Family and friends attended their wedding. The golfer requested their guests to ban phones. He wanted people to be in the moment and enjoy their time.

Jillian herself planned this big day. In December 2022, Thomas first announced the news of his wedding on Instagram. He shared a picture of himself with Jillian, enjoying his first Christmas as a married couple.

In 2023, on New Year’s Eve, Thomas posted a carousel of pictures, including a photo from their wedding.

Does Jillian Wisniewski and Justin Thomas Have Kids?

Jillian and Thomas have no kids yet. But they together shared an adorable fluffy black and white dog named Franklin. The pair often shared the images of their furry baby on their social media handles.

During the PGA Tour, Thomas appreciates Franklin for loving him no matter what.

Justin Thomas’ Wife Jillian Have Been a Great Support System For Him

Thomas once said during an interview that Jillian had been the biggest support system throughout his professional life. She helped him to get through challenging moments in his career. Last year, he was going through tough times, where he got into a pretty bad space mentally.

It is not like someone can flip a switch and you’ll suddenly feel better. But she was someone who made me realize that sometimes you need to keep working.

During an interview in March 2022, Thomas stated that Jillian had made sacrifices in her own life due to his career. Thomas said he is so fortunate that she halts her life for his lifestyle.

Getting married to her was the best step he took in his life. She truly makes me a better person, and every time I am around her, she brings out a better side of myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Justin Thomas’s girlfriend?

Jillian Wisniewski is Thomas’ girlfriend. After dating for five years, the pair happily married in November 2022.

2. What Does Jillian Wisniewski Do For a Living?

Jillian works as a production business manager at McGarryBowen, an advertising agency in Chicago.

3. How Old is Justin Thomas’ Wife, Jillian Wisniewski?

Born in 1993, Jillian is 30 years old.

4. What is Jillian Wisniewski’s Height?

As per information available on the internet, Jillian is 5 Feet 3 inches tall.

Wrapping Up

Jillian Wisniewski is more than just the wife of the pro golfer Justin Thomas; she is a woman with her own story, sacrifices, and achievements.

As Thomas continues to make headlines on the golf course, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the woman by his side, whose presence adds depth and warmth to the narrative of their shared life.

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