Who is John Edward Thomas Moynahan? (July 2024)

The star kids or the famous people’s kids generally grow up in the spotlight first stop. They get exposed at a young age. On the flip side, some famous people have done a fantastic job of keeping their children away from the spotlight. Additionally, some people have given some glimpses of their children’s life.

The media does not leave anyone who inherits stardom as the family tree. So it goes for John Edward Thomas Moynahan. He’s the son of the football legend Tom Brady. The NFL Hall of Famer has already pocketed several attainments and recognition. So it is no surprise that John Edward, also prominently known as Jack Moynahan, has accumulated the Child Celebrity Award.

A Quick Info About John Edward Thomas Moynahan

tom bradys oldest son

Full Name
John Edward Thomas Moynahan
Professional Name
John Moynahan
Date of Birth
22 August 2007
16 years
Santa Monica, California, USA
Zodiac sign
Marital Status
Net worth

Early Life, Family and Education

Father’s nameTom Brady
Mother’s nameCatherine Bridget Moynahan
Benjamin Brady
Vivian Lake Brady

John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born in Santa Monica, CA. He has an American nationality and white ethnicity. He has two younger half-siblings, a stepbrother, Benjamin Reins Brady, and a stepsister, Vivian Lake Brady. The younger siblings are Tom Brady and Gisele bündchen, a Brazilian model and actress.

Currently, John lives in New York City, USA. He completes the stardom figure as he has Bridget Moynahan as his mother. Bridget Moynahan is prominent for playing different roles like fate, the ugly sum of all wards blue blood, and the most notable roles in Keanu Reeves’s starting films John Wick and John Wick 2.

Besides her Hollywood status as a model and actress, she is one of the most beautiful women in the industry. With so much glitter and glamour on his maternal side and such a cloud-bagging Hall of Fame status from his paternal side, he has made John prominent. He was attracted to buzz and paparazzi before his birth. In 2004, his parents started dating, and we were committed to each other till December 2006. After this, she became public with the news that she was expecting a child. On 22nd August 2007, John was born.

Tom Brady has played as quarterback for the NFL New England Patriots. The 41-year-old is the oldest player to win a Super Bowl. Bridget is busy with her life and career, but they maintain a good relationship. Sharing Co co-parental responsibilities, the couple shares a happy bond. She posts several pictures of the three online.

Educational Background

School Name
University Name

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s Height, Weight and Body Stats

Height in cm
160 cm
Height in m
1.60 m
Height in inches
5 Feet
Weight in kg
35 kg
Weight in pounds
121 pounds
Eye colour
Hair colour

Why John Edward Thomas Wants to Become an Athlete

Why John wants to Become an Athlete

It’s no surprise that being in the midst of the greatest football players in the sport’s history, John plans to become an athlete. He shares a lot of passion for American football, just like his loving dad. He dubs him a good luck charm. It might seem surprising, but John doesn’t eat investigator like the next American kid. He chooses organic and green, and no other food other than organic is available in the house. This is conquered as the stars follow at their home.

John Wants to Follow What his Father, Tom Brady has Perceived

Besides being recognized as a look-alike, he apparently has his dad’s passion and IQ matches. John will inevitably follow what his father has perceived at such a young age. In his teenage, he gained a legendary status.

To solidify this, his mother, Bridget, mentioned that John clearly wants to become a professional athlete. Even his father accepts this and praises him for his decision. Even though he does not live with his father, John Edward Thomas Moynahan enjoys all his father’s games. Tom mentions that he feels this is special because his kids are watching him play on the TV. However, he also acknowledges that Jack has a unique perspective, and he doesn’t watch like any of his target audience.

He kissed Jack on his lips before departing for the Super Bowl in 2018. This instigated a lot of criticism and controversy, as a father kissing his son is not something people see every day. Fans globally were shocked, and this created widespread speculation. Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t look willing to change globally soon.

When John goes to live with his biological father, he is surrounded by love and is with an extended family. Other mothers rarely feel safe or secure when their children are with others, but that is not the case with Tom and Giesel. Tom also has kept a particular Instagram page for his children as a special tribute, especially for John.

Is John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s in a Relationship?

John is straight, and he’s not dating anyone. Hence, he is still a young teenager and is away from any relationships. Currently, he is focused on his studies.

Wrap Up

Hence, these are all the facts that you must know about John. Tom and John are currently seen spending time together more often. John took part in Tom’s American football clinic in Tokyo, where he flaunted some of his football skills. Once, during an interview with the radio station, Tom stated that he would never stop John from pursuing his dreams.

However, he will allow him to choose the career he want. Bridget is raising John as a single mum, but she keeps informing Tom about his academics and other activities. They shared emails often and updated each other. In an email, Bridget once revealed what she had shared with Tom about John winning the award for his reading competition in school.

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