Jelly Roll’s Wife BunnieXo Bio, Age, OnlyFans, Net Worth, Leaked (July 2024)

Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie DeFord

Jelly Roll aka Jason DeFord is an American Rapper and Songwriter who is now 39 years old. His first time under the spotlight was somewhat scandalous. He got sued by Waffle House in 2013 when the company sued him for using their corporate trademark in one of his songs, “Whiskey, Weed and Waffle House.”

It’s been nine years since, and now he’s again turning heads, but this time for a different reason. This time, BunnieXo- Roll’s wife, and her YouTube video on her plastic surgery experience brought the pair under the spotlight.

But who is BunnieXo? What is her real name? And what is the story behind their love life? To know it all, keep reading as we bring you almost everything there is to know about Jelly Roll’s wife.

Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife: BunnieXo?

Full name
Alyssa DeFord (BunnieXo)
Professional name
Date of Birth
22 January 1980
Las Vegas, United States
44 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Jelly Roll (2016-present)
Social Media Influencer, Podcaster, Instagram exotic model
Net Worth
$2 million

BunnieXo, the popular 28-year-old Instagram exotic model, podcaster, and social media influencer, is Jelly Roll’s wife. They got married on 17 October 2020 and have been together ever since. Together, this couple is breaking several stereotypes and setting goals for those thousands of people/fans who follow them. Although born in Las Vegas, Bunnie originally hails from Nashville, USA.

She began her journey to fame by creating a YouTube channel and named it “Dumb Blonde Podcast.” The channel, since then, has gathered over 100,000K overall views.

BunnieXo’s Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Bunnie is the owner of quite an exotic physical appearance. She is stunningly beautiful and very fit. She is on the lips of thousands of people on her Instagram profile. Her exotic physical appearance and lifestyle leave you with an undying urge to be like her.

Height in cm
175 cm
Height in m
1.75 m
Height in inches
5 Feet 9 inches
Weight in kg
68 Kg
Weight in pounds
150 pounds
Body Measurements
Eye colour
Hair colour


We have already mentioned the various professions in which BunnieXo has indulged herself. She is a multi-talented, independent, and successful woman. In fact, She has greater popularity and fan following than her husband, Jelly Roll. She enjoys a follower base of thousands of people on her social media accounts. But what does she do that keeps the bills paid? Well, according to our research, we found that her prime job is running a podcast on YouTube, which goes by the name “The Dumb Blonde”.

Her channel features several YouTube shows like Whorelympics, Propaganda, Meet the DeFords, and other fun videos. The primary agenda of the YouTube channel is to interview famous and controversial people on social media like TikTok and other platforms as well. She then promotes these people’s life stories and struggles via her channel. It is fun to watch her videos.

Furthermore, she is also an Instagram exotic model and has made her appearance in several music videos as well. Some of her appearances include “Shimmy Down My Chimney” and “Bury Yourself” by Viking Barbie.

If you have not already wondered, BunnieXo also has an Only Fans account. Yes! You read that right. In fact, she makes quite a decent earning from her bikini-clad, seductive pictures on Only Fans. So much so that she pocketed £81k on the very first month of signing up. But, according to Bunnie, she was never much inclined toward modeling.

However, things took a turn to the bright side when she first came across Only Fans. So, it is safe to say that Only Fans might be one of the major contributing factors to her total earnings nowadays.

BunnieXo’s Net Worth

As per sources, Bunnie’s latest net worth is approximately $2 million. The couple enjoys a lavish lifestyle and takes exotic vacations with their kids. Her only Fan account and her YouTube channel are the two primary sources of her income. The couple’s most recent purchase was a Mercedes Wagon, which cost them a hefty fee of 150k.

In addition, they bought themselves a new house in Nashville in 2018, where they are currently residing, and also, in 2020, the couple bought their mother a new house. Although the prices of these two purchases are unknown, judging by the looks of her videos and lifestyle, we can be sure they did not come cheap!

Why Did BunnieXo Shut Down Her OnlyFans?

On 6 March 2023, the influencer announced that she will be no longer present on the platform. The reason she gave for quitting OnlyFans that she is a married woman and has two children. Now, she want to focus on her family.

BunnieXo Before Plastic Surgery

bunnie xo before plastic surgery



BunnieXo Naked and Leaked Images




Jelly Roll and BunnieXo’s Relationship: How and When Did They First Meet Each Other?

We know that Bunnie has been married to Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord) since 2020. But their huge fanbase can’t help but wonder where the story begins. Well, here it goes- a while ago, Jason opened up about how he met his wife, BunnieXo. But he disagrees with it being love at first sight. Instead, he regards the connection to be a lot deeper than that.

Much to his wife’s dismay, Jelly Roll often tells a fabricated story about their first interaction. He says, “I was working at a plus-size male strip club called Chip & Whales. And what happens is women come in, and the deal is we start naked, and as we get tipped, we clothe. Thousand dollars a sock, you know what I’m saying?”.

However, the real story is miles away from this joke of a story. Jelly Roll and BunnieXo first crossed paths when Jelly Roll was putting on the opening act at the Las Vegas Country Saloon. He acknowledges that she did not even notice Jason or know who he was during that time. However, he claims they “Hit it off” and adds, “She said she fell in love with the saddest eyes in the room.”

Jelly Roll is aware that they may turn heads, not in the friendliest manner when they walk into a place. But that doesn’t bother him. Instead, he is amused by how people are quick to judge.

When Did They Get Married?

Roll and Bunnie got married to each other after dating for seven years. Since then, both have respected and supported each other’s careers and improved in their respective fields. They simply set goals for their followers and fans by smashing many stereotypes.

Does BunnieXo Have Kids?

No, the social media influencer doesn’t have a biological child. But she is a stepmother to Jelly Roll’s two children, Baille Ann DeFord and Noah DeFord, from his previous relationship with a girl named Felicia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife?

Bunnie DeFord, professionally known as BunnieXo, has been married to Jelly Roll since 2020.

Does BunnieXo have children?

Yes. The couple has two children, Noah and Baille.

What is Jelly Roll’s BunnieXo’s net worth?

Her net worth is around $2 million.

Does BunnieXo have Only Fans?

Yes, she has an Only Fans account.

What is the name of the BunnieXo podcast?

The name of her podcast is “The Dumb Blonde.”

What does BunnieXo do for a living?

She is multi-talented. She is an Instagram model, social media personality, podcaster, and Only Fans model.

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned almost everything there is to know about Jelly Roll Wife, BunnieXo. Most of the information available has been gathered from reliable sources (including her social media platforms, her interviews, and her YouTube channel), so credibility is not a matter here. Just stay tuned to Gossiprealm to get new updates like this.

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