How Did Lil Loaded Die? (July 2024)

How Did Lil Loaded Die

31 May 2021 was the day famous American rapper and singer Dashawn Maurice Robertson, professionally known as Lil Loaded, died by suicide at the age of 20. His mother found him dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

What actually happened to Lil Loaded? Was it really a suicide? We’ll answer all your questions in the article below. So stay tuned with us!

Who was Lil Loaded?

Who was Lil Loaded?

Full Name
Dashawn Maurice Robertson
Professional Name
Lil Loaded
Date of Birth
San Bernardino, California, United States
Date of Death
Age at the time of death
20 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
5 Feet 8 inches
60 Kg
Singer, Rapper
Net Worth

Born on 1 August 2000 in San Bernardino, California, United States, Lil Loaded, whose real name was Dashawn Maurice Robertson, was an American rapper. His 2019 single “6locc 6a6y” gained recognition, which became a viral hit.

The song contributed to his rise in the hip-hop scene, and he subsequently signed a record deal with Epic Records. In May 2021, the song was certified gold and received over 28 million views on YouTube.

Did Lil Loaded Die? What Happened to Him?

What Happened to Lil Loaded?

On 31 May 2021, Lil’s mom discovered his body with a gunshot wound to the head. She immediately called the police to report an attempted suicide.

After the authorities arrived, they found his mother standing outside the house crying, and her son Lil was lying dead inside with a gun in his hand. On the following day of the incident, The Dallas County medical examiner officer confirmed the young rapper was dead.

At that time, the examiner didn’t disclose the cause of death. Ashkan Mehryani, Lil’s attorney, confirmed that the rumors of Lil Loaded’s death are true. He said the rapper’s death was tragic, and now he is not coming back.

What was Lil Loaded’s Cause of Death?

What was Lil Loaded's Cause of Death?

According to The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s officer, Lil was confirmed dead the next day when his body was discovered with a gunshot to his head. But they haven’t released any cause of death.

An investigation was asked to run on his tragic death by the Cedar Hill police. However, after seeing the circumstances of his death, it seems to be believed that he committed suicide.

Lil’s attorney also confirmed that, sadly, the rapper passed away earlier today as a result of a reported suicide.

Why did Lil Loaded Kill Himself?

There is no specific reason behind why the young rapper committed suicide. His mother claimed that before death, Lil was pretty upset about going through a breakup. His friends also confirmed that he was upset after splitting with his girlfriend.

Therefore, we can say that the breakup could be a strong reason why Lil committed suicide.

Was Lil Loaded’s Death a Suicide or Murder?

Till now, it is confirmed that Lil committed suicide after the split with his girlfriend. And circumstances around his dead body also say it was a suicide.

However, many reports also claimed he was having relationship problems with his girlfriend, and that is why he killed himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Lil Loaded’s Girlfriend?

The identity of Lil’s girlfriend is currently unknown as there is no information regarding her shared by the rapper when he was alive.

2. How Old was Lil Loaded When he Died?

Lil was just 20 when he committed suicide.

3. What Song was Lil Loaded Known For?

Lil received critical acclaim for his 6locc 6a6y.

Wrapping Up

Tragically, Lil Loaded passed away on 31 May 2020 at the age of 20. The cause of his death was reported as a suicide, which came as a shock to his fans and the music community. His untimely death marked the end of a promising career in the rap industry.

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