Who is Elizabeth Ann Weber Billy Joel’s Ex-Wife? (July 2024)

Elizabeth Ann Weber

Billy Joel is a famous name in the music industry. The singer has been a Grammy winner six times. Therefore, you can imagine the extent of his success. He has made a place for himself. His music is timeless, and so is his long-running music career. However, the most exciting aspect we are about to discuss is his life marriage to Elizabeth Ann Weber.

The successful singer garnered wealth and fame all throughout life. However, his success could not buy him the one thing people long for Love. Every time he fell in love, he wanted his partner to see him for who he was. But time and again, all he got was a disappointment.

Let us visit his infamous relationship with Elizabeth Ann Weber. The woman he fell for before seeking salvation in Alexis Roderick in his 20s. Billy Joel ended up marrying her, starting quite a scandalous relationship.

Who is Elizabeth Ann Weber?

Who is Elizabeth Ann Weber

Full Name
Elizabeth Ann Weber
Date of Birth
80 years
New York, United States
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Divorced (1982)
Billy Joel
Net Worth
$5 million

People mainly remember Elizabeth Ann Weber as Billy Joel’s wife or his better half. The duo got married when Joel was in his 20s. The singer had a lot of expectations from his first marriage. He thought that his wife would be his lifeline. But things went downhill soon after their marriage.

Early Life, Family and Education

Father’s Name
Will soon update
Mother’s Name
Will soon update
One son but don’t know the name
Will soon update

Elizabeth Ann Weber

Elizabeth Ann was born in 1942 in New York, United States. She did his schooling at a Private New York School. Then, she completed her graduation from the University of New York.

Educational Background

School Name
Private New York School
University Name
University of New York

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Height in m
1.55 m
Height in cm
155 cm
Height in inches
5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight in Kg
47 Kg
Weight in pounds
103 lbs
Body Measurements
Not known
Hair Color
Eye Color


While Elizabeth was in a relationship with Billy Joel, she was always an inspiration for Billy’s music. So that’s why she doesn’t hesitate to ask for her cut from the songs made for her. She even convinced him to take over the duties of his manager.

So, talking about her early career, she worked as a Billy Joel manager. She used to oversee all his financial affairs. Currently, also, she is working as a manager in a company. There is no information regarding the company’s name and what they do found on the internet.

Ann Weber was tagged as Unfeminine in her profession

Due to her authoritarian negotiation behavior and undeniably the better way of doing business, she was often tagged as Unfeminine in her profession. However, her husband, Billy Joel, wrote a song, “She’s Always a Woman”, perfectly defining how she was defined.

The lyrics were like this: She can kill with a smile……….. She can ruin your faith with her casual lies. Through his song, Billy talks about Elizabeth’s image. However, Billy was completely attracted to her as he mentioned that she could be confusing and she can be impossible to understand, but she was a better businessperson than him.

However, the people around him were apprehensive about Billy Joel due to her controlling, rude and manipulative behavior.

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Net Worth

If we look at Elizabeth’s career, she has worked as a professional manager her entire career. So, we can say that Elizabeth’s net worth is from working as a manager. When she was in a relationship with Billy Joel, she used to handle most of his business deals and contracts as a manager.

She was taking her earnings to work as his manager. Also, she was taking the cuts from every song her husband would pen down for her, and she was entitled to half of his husband’s wealth.

After getting divorced, we don’t know if she had any right to any of her husband’s wealth. But we get to see that she is currently working as a manager in a company. And after searching more deeply, we also get to know about her net worth.

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s net worth is around $5 million.

How Elizabeth Ann Weber and Billy Joel met each other

How Elizabeth Ann Weber and Billy Joel met each other

Ever heard of the rock group The Hassles? In 1967, Billy Joel joined this rock group and met Jon Small, the drummer. After striking a friendship with each other, they left the band. The duo started their own band called Attila.

Jon Small was married to Elizabeth Ann Weber at that time. The couple had a son named Sean. However, a marriage and a kid did not stop Elizabeth Ann Weber and Billy Joel from having an affair. The singer had been fascinated with his bandmate’s wife from the beginning.

But as expected, Jon Small found out about his wife’s affair. And things did not end well! The band split up, and it was the end of their musical partnership. After this incident, Elizabeth Ann disappeared for several weeks. She did not keep in contact with either of the men.

Jon Small faced failure in both his personal life and his relationship. Finally, all of it became too much for him, and he became suicidal. However, Elizabeth Ann and Billy Joel got back together and tied the knot in September 1973.

What was Weber’s marital relationship like?

What was Webers marital relationship like

The beginning of Billy Joel and Elizabeth Ann Weber’s relationship was very scandalous. Everyone would agree. So, both of them had quite a nugatory marriage experience, given the nature of their relationship.

According to all the news available on the internet, Elizabeth Ann Weber was nothing like an American housewife. She was quite different. In an interview, Billy Joel even said how seductive his ex-wife was. Apparently, her ‘seduction’ made him lose control over himself. How ironic! Wasn’t he the one who got infatuated first?

After getting married, Elizabeth Ann asked Billy Joel to give her the position of finance manager. Then, she started taking care of all his business deals and contracts. She even got a lot of deals and contracts for Billy Joel.

According to Billy, she was a natural beauty with brains. If that is supposed to be a compliment, maybe? I guess things did not really end well between them. Billy believed that his ex-wife was one of those people who could ruin a person’s faith with lies and betrayal.

Was Elizabeth Ann Weber an inspiration to Billy Joel?

Artists love their own muse. So, they tend to draw inspiration from real life. Similarly, Billy Jones found his inspiration in the women in his life. And the most special one of them was his first wife, Elizabeth Ann Weber.

His wife inspired his songs like ‘Just The Way You Are, ‘She’s Got a Way’, and ‘She’s Always a Woman. Moreover, she inspired the ‘Waitress practising politics’ character of Billy Joel’s 1973 single ‘Piano Man’.

Why did Elizabeth Ann Weber and Billy Joel divorce?

There were many ups and downs in Elizabeth and Billy’s relationship that ended in a separation. Elizabeth’s obsession with money can also be a reason for their separation. There is no problem if you love money.

But it can be a problem if you start loving it more than anybody else. And Elizabeth was madly in love with money. Elizabeth was an inspiration for Billy’s music. She never hesitated to ask for her financial gain from every song Billy made for her.

She was taking her earnings cuts for working as his manager and was also entitled to half of his wealth. It seemed that Elizabeth was only taking advantage of her husband’s career. However, Billy was completely mad at her.

But people around him were pretty worried about her as they found her rude, controlling, and much more attracted to worldly things than her husband. In 1982, the couple decided to separate.

Even after the divorce, Billy put all his efforts into saving this relationship. He got everything she wanted, including a $4 million townhouse on the Upper East Side. But he failed to save the relationship.

After some time, Billy met with an accident in which he injured both hands. The accident put his music career in jeopardy.

In his downtime, he felt that Elizabeth would be his support system. But his feelings were shattered when Elizabeth visited the hospital to ask him to hand everything he had over to her.

At that time, Billy felt that he was wrong with his decision to reconcile with her and decided to move on.

Was Weber’s brother involved in her marital dispute?

After Elizabeth Ann Weber started managing her ex-husband’s finances, she involved her brother Frank, too. Billy Joel considers this arrangement as one of his greatest mistakes ever. Frank was Billy Joel’s manager and took care of his finances.

However, strangely, when the couple went through their separation, Frank sided with Billy Joel. He went against his own sister. Frank even took care of the divorce settlements.

What is Elizabeth Weber doing today?

Well, now we know that Elizabeth Ann Weber was the inspiration for several songs by Billy Jones. And after their separation, there were a lot of controversies. But Elizabeth managed to stay out of the limelight after she got divorced.

However, it is still unclear whether she moved on and found love again or not. But her ex-husband moved on and remarried thrice.

Who is Billy Joel married to right now?

It has been almost four decades since the separation of Billy Joel and Elizabeth Ann Weber. Maybe Elizabeth has found love somewhere else as well. On the other hand, her ex-husband married three times after their separation.

He married Christie Brinkley in 1985, Katie Lee in 2004, and Alexis Roderick in 2015.

Who is Billy Joel married to right now

Who is Billy Joel married to right now

Who is Billy Joel married to right now

It seems like Billy Joel struggled to find love for a long time. But, after Elizabeth Ann Weber, everyone knows who Billy Joel is married to right now. He fell hard and fast for Alexis Roderick. The couple got married in 2015. Rumours say that Elizabeth Ann Weber did not have to wait long before she got someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Billy Joel still alive?

Yes, he is alive. Currently, he is 73 years old.

2. When did Billy Joel and Elizabeth Ann Weber get married?

The couple got married in September 1973. They started dating when Elizabeth Ann Weber was already married to Jon Small. Both men, Jon Small and Billy Joel were musical partners.

3. Who is Billy Joel married to right now?

Billy Joel is currently married to Alexis Roderick. The couple got married in 2015.

4. What is Elizabeth Ann Weber known for?

If Elizabeth Ann Weber is associated with public figures or historical events, she may be known for her relationship or role in those contexts. In cases where she is mentioned in biographies, documentaries, or news articles, her recognition would stem from those associations.

5. Has Elizabeth Ann Weber written any books or articles?

Without specific details, confirming any publications by Elizabeth Ann Weber is challenging. Individuals with this name may have contributed to various fields or professions, and any publications would be associated with their specific area of expertise.

6. What is Elizabeth Ann Weber’s background?

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s background, including education, career, and personal history, would vary significantly based on the individual in question. Information about private individuals’ backgrounds is typically not available to the public without their consent.

To Wrap Up

According to people out there, Elizabeth Ann Weber has a great love for money. And it is not really a secret. Billy Joel drew his inspiration from her. And Elizabeth Ann never denied the financial gains she got from all of the songs Joel penned down.

Even during the initial years of the couple’s marital relationship. People in society and family members considered Elizabeth Ann to be manipulative toward her ex-husband. People thought she was controlling in the relationship. Many said she was the rock and roll kind of person.

However, it is unfortunate that their relationship ended on a sour note. The relationship began with a scandal and did not really end well either. On our website, we talked about another famous couple, Shemar Moore’s wife. Please go and check it now!

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