Duke Dennis Real Name (July 2024)

Duke Dennis's Real Name

As a YouTube gamer, people know Duke Dennis very well. His exceptional videos allow his channel to stand out from other creators. He gets multiple views in his videos, as he has a lot of subscribers. His personal life also attracts the attention of several fans.

He was deeply passionate about video games as well as basketball. He made his career in these two fields quite well due to his great interest. Today, our hot topic is Duke Dennis’ real name. Let’s reveal his real name below in the article.

What is Duke Dennis’ Real Name

Duke Dennis’ Real Name

Full Name
Dontavious Tony Dennis
Professional Name
Duke Dennis
Date of Birth
30 years
Zodiac Sign
Relationship Status
6 Feet 2 inches
80 Kg
Youtuber, Social media influencer
Net Worth
$2 million

Despite being a popular YouTuber and content creator primarily known for his NBA 2K gaming videos, Duke’s real name has become a hot topic on the internet. However, many names are rumored over the internet, claiming to be his real name.

But his real name is Dontavious Tony Davis. Duke is known for handling multiple channels on YouTube. Mainly, he used to share game-related videos there. Besides he also uploads vlogs and reaction and comedy videos on one of his Youtube channels.


Duke started his career in 2013 by launching his first channel on YouTube, Duke Dennis Gaming. Previously, he was in the US military. But after his service, he aimed to focus on the YouTube platform. After 2016, when he began sharing NBA 2K videos on his channel, he received a lot of attention and gained multiple subscribers.

Then, he displayed several skills of basketball in his YouTube videos to his viewers. DeeBlock Duke is one of the channels which he uses for gaming. In this channel, Duke uploads vlogs, reaction videos, etc.

The AMP channel has a few members, including Chrisnxtdoor, Kai Cenat, ImDavisss, Agent 00, & Fanum. And Duke Dennis is one of them. This channel enables subscribers to see comedy videos, vlogs, and so on.

He also streams live on one of his channels, named DukeDenisLive. Duke can also be seen playing Call of Duty.

How Much is Duke Dennis’ Net Worth?

Duke Dennis’ Net Worth

As per reports, Duke has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. The more time passes, the amount of salary may increase or decrease. However, everything depends on his activities on social media.

How Does He Make Money?

Duke creates videos for the NBA 2K simulation video game series on YouTube, which helps him earn plenty of money from views.

His videos related to basketball have got 160M+ views. As a result, it makes him a great YouTuber. While he streams online, ads are one of his sources of income. Besides, he has chosen different brands for sponsorships in various fields through which he earns a lot.

He has a Twitch channel that contains more than 450,000 followers. It is one of his income sources. When he streams online, the loyal fans donate money. And it is one of his income sources. He also owns a clothing brand, DeeBlock. People can purchase hoodies, T-shirts, and jogger pants from there.

Social Media Accounts


Is Duke Dennis Dating Anyone?

It is unclear whether the Youtuber is dating anyone. But he has once dated a girl named Kali. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with any information related to their relationship as they kept it very private.

Does Dennis Have Kids?

As per reports, Dennis has six children. We can’t provide you with their names as he kept them out of limelight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is Duke Dennis?

Born on 26 February 1994, Duke is 30 years old.

2. When Does Duke Dennis Celebrate his Birthday?

Duke celebrated his birthday on 26 February.

3. Where is Duke Dennis From?

Duke Dennis comes from Georgia, Alabama, USA.


We can see the growth in the fame of many people with the growth of social media platforms. Duke Dennis is one of these most famous persons with a lot of followers on different social media platforms.

Hope the article has the information you were looking for. Keep following our website for more informational articles like this!

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