Dennis Rodman Spouse: From Annie Bakes (m. 1992–1993), Carmen Electra (m. 1998–1999) to Michelle Moyer (m. 2003–2012) (July 2024)

Dennis Rodman Spouse

The legendary former NBA player Dennis Rodman has a colorful and well-known personal life defined mainly by his marriages and relationships. His prominent wives have garnered media attention regularly, adding to the mystique of basketball.

From his brief union with actress Carmen Electra to his long-term partnership with Michelle Moyer and the relationships that followed, Dennis Rodman’s personal life has garnered significant attention from the public, frequently overshadowing his outstanding accomplishments on the basketball court. Let’s dig into our article for more details.

Is Dennis Rodman Married?

The former NBA player’s high-profile romantic life includes some big celebrity names, like Carmen Electra, Madonna and Yella Yella. Rodman has been married three times: Annie Bakes, Carmen Electra, and Michelle Moyer.

Today, he has not been in a relationship with any of his wives. Most recently, Rodman was married to Moyer, but they divorced in 2012 for some unknown reasons.

About Dennis Rodman’s Spouses

1. Annie Bakes

Annie Bakes

In 1987, Rodman started dating Annie Bakes, who he eventually married in September 1992. The pair had an intermittent relationship. Unfortunately, in 1989, they broke up.

Rodman and Bakes did not have a long marriage—82 days. The couple is blessed with a daughter, Alexis Rodman, born in 1988. Bakes is a published author of the book ‘White Girls Don’t Bounce’ and an adult model.

After separating from Rodman, Bakes is married to a police officer, and they have a daughter.

2. Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is a model and actress who married Rodman in a highly publicized wedding. In November 1998, the pair exchanged vows in a chapel located in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, they were only married for nine days when they filed for divorce that same month.

Because of their very short marriage and celebrity status, their brief relationship garnered much media attention.

3. Michelle Moyer

Michelle Moyer

After Carmen Electra and Rodman parted ways, he started a committed relationship with Michelle Moyer. They dated for a while before getting married in 2003. A longtime partner of Rodman, Moyer gave birth to his two children, Dennis Jr. and Trinity.


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The pair had several difficulties, even though their marriage appeared to be solid, which ultimately resulted in their divorce in 2012. Their divorce procedures generated a lot of media attention and controversy.

Does Dennis Rodman Have Any Children?

Does Dennis Rodman Have Any Children?

As of right now, DJ Rodman, Alexis Rodman, and Trinity Rodman are the three children of Rodman. In contrast to her father, Trinity is a professional soccer player. She plays for the (NWSL) team, the Washington Spirit.

She is also a member of the US Women’s National Soccer Team. At 18, she was selected as the second choice in the 2021 NWSL College Draft, making her the youngest player to be picked in the NWSL.

Alexis Rodman, unlike her father and siblings, has little interest in sports or other forms of entertainment. There is very little information about her. DJ Rodman is a collegiate basketball player for the Pac-12 Conference’s Washington State Cougars.

Is Dennis Rodman Currently Dating Anyone?

Currently, Rodman is dating a rapper and singer, Yella Yella. In a July 2022 video, the athlete made his Instagram debut behind a DJ booth with Yella Yella. They all got together to celebrate Rodman’s birthday in May 2023.


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To express his love for his fiancée, Rodman got a black-and-white tattoo of her picture on his right cheek in July 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dennis Rodman’s Age?

As of 2023, the professional basketball player is 62 years old.

2. How Much is Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth?

As per the various reports, Rodman’s estimated net worth is $500 thousand.

3. How Tall is Dennis Rodman?

Rodman is 6 feet 7 inches tall.

Wrapping Up

Public curiosity has persisted in Dennis Rodman’s personal life, especially concerning his high-profile relationships. His love life has frequently eclipsed his athletic accomplishments.

Unquestionably, Rodman’s marriages and romances have added to his extravagant public character and have kept him in the public eye long after his NBA career ended.

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