Heather Taras: Daymond John’s Wife (July 2024)

daymond john wife

The well-known businessman and television personality Daymond John, who is most known for his appearances on Shark Tank, spends significant time with his wife, Heather Taras. Daymond’s connection with Heather provides a window into his personal life outside his professional endeavors.

Their love story provides a riveting story of a relationship that extends beyond the public spotlight and emphasizes the need for connection and support in the middle of a busy job. This article will explore the elements of Heather Taras’ contribution to Daymond John’s life.

Who is Daymond John’s Wife Heather Taras?

Heather Taras

Full Name
Heather Taras
Date of Birth
Brooklyn, New York, United States
39 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Daymond John (2018-present)
5 Feet 5 inches
55 Kg
Model, Social media influencer
Net Worth
$300 thousand

There is little information online about Heather since she isn’t as well-known as her husband, Daymond John, a businessman, investor, and television personality.

After her connection with John was made public, she rose to fame. According to a report, Heather is a nurse by profession, although she no longer works as one. Her enthusiasm for modeling, fashion, and beauty is now being pursued.

She used to upload her modeling photos wearing various clothing on her Instagram profile, which helped her establish herself as an Instagram model. She is now sponsoring well-known companies like Aroma 360 and Breville, thanks to a sizable fan base.

In her own right, Heather is a successful and accomplished individual. She has been said to be a caring and supportive wife despite the fact that she is not as well known in the public as her husband. Both parties are able to contribute to each other’s personal and professional development, and their relationship is based on respect and understanding.

How and When Did Heather Taras and Daymond John First Cross Paths?

How and When Did Heather Taras and Daymond John First Cross Paths?

In the early 2000s, John and Heather first crossed paths. Their love story exemplifies the benefits of finding a companion who supports your goals and shares your beliefs. It also serves as a monument to the strength of real connection.

There is nothing about their initial meeting, as John values his privacy. However, we do know when they got engaged to each other.

American business reality television personality John proposed to Heather in front of a live audience while the show was being filmed. The proposal episode, however, was never broadcast on television.

Because John and Heather have been together for a long time and she is familiar with all the sharks, he admitted after the proposal that he had been anxious when proposing to her on the set.

Heather accepted his proposal, and their romantic relationship was born. They began spending time together. The pair said that they cherished their time together.

When Did the Couple Get Married?

Heather revealed to Contemporary Approaches in August 2020 that they had been together for 14 years at the time. On 23 September 2016, she shared a photo with her engagement ring on Instagram to announce her engagement to John.


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Only close friends and relatives attended the couple’s secret wedding in June 2018 at the Queens, New York, church.

On 2 June 2023, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. John released exclusive images from their secret ceremony on his Instagram channel.

Daymond John and Heather Taras Share a Beautiful Daughter

Daymond John and Heather Taras Share a Beautiful Daughter

Daughter Minka Jagger was born to John and Taras on 2 March 2016. She was accompanied by John’s other two kids from his previous relationship, Yasmeen and Destiny.

According to John, the COVID-19 epidemic caused the baby boom as people were quarantined at home.

Due to this, John even decided to name her daughter Baby Corona at first. The couple wants to have more children.

Why did Daymond John divorce his First Wife?

As we’ve previously mentioned, John doesn’t think it’s appropriate to discuss his private life openly; therefore, he kept the name of his first wife a secret.

We only know that the pair had a solid relationship up to John’s lack of achievement. But when he found success, everything changed. He began disregarding his wife and kids once his American Hip Hop fashion firm, FUBU, became successful.

Yasmeen John and Destiny John were two children John shared with his first wife. John struggled to maintain his personal life since he frequently traveled away from home for business.

After many years of enduring his rude behavior, his first wife finally decided to file for divorce. When John starts treating their children in the same manner, she is unable to bear it. She also doesn’t want him to expose her kids to the same behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Daymond John’s Height?

John is 5 Feet 7 inches.

2. How Old is Heather Taras?

As of 2024, Taras’ age is 39 years old.

3. What is Daymond John’s Net Worth?

According to various genuine reports, John’s net worth is estimated to be around $350 million.

Wrapping Up

Daymond John’s life is significantly impacted by Heather Taras, who gives the renowned entrepreneur’s path more depth and support. Their continued relationship, marked by respect for one another, joint business endeavors, and a dedication to their families, is proof of the value of maintaining a solid personal foundation despite the pressures of a prominent job.

While John is still making headlines in business and the media, it is clear that his current wife is still a valued partner who contributes to his overall fulfillment and success.

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