Dave Portnoy Girlfriend: Who is Silvana Mojica (June 2024)

Dave Portnoy Girlfriend

The charming creator of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, has drawn notice for both his personal and commercial endeavors. Even though he is well-known in the media, Portnoy is remarkably secretive about his relationships, including information about his partner.

We will detail Portnoy’s personal life today since he has purposefully kept it hidden from the public despite his professional pursuits. So, let’s get right into our subject without further ado.

Is Dave Portnoy Married?

Is Dave Portnoy Married?

Before getting into a relationship with Mojica, Portnoy was married to Renee Portnoy, an American equestrian and social media influencer. Unfortunately, in 2017, Renee decided to get separated from Portnoy when she got to know that he was having an extra-marital affair with a fitness and health specialist, Jordyn Hamilton.

Who is Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend – Silvana Mojica?

Who is Dave Portnoy's Girlfriend - Silvana Mojica?

Full Name
Silvana Mojica
Date of Birth
Colombia, South America
28 years
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Dave Portnoy
5 Feet 6 inches
54 kg
Model, Social Media Personality
Net Worth
$3 million

On 8 April 1995, Silvana Mojica was born in Colombia, South America. Her present residence is in Florida, USA.

She graduated from West Orange High School with a primary education. In 2014, she went on to enrol at Valencia College. According to her LinkedIn page, she enrolled at Florida State University in 2016 and received a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

She gained notoriety in September 2021 after she linked up with a renowned businessman and blogger, Dave Portnoy. During an interview, Portnoy said he prefers spending his days with Mojica.

Additionally, the two have many photos together on their social media accounts. Portnoy and Mojica haven’t made it known that they’re in a relationship, but their social media accounts have clearly shown this.

The couple’s romance made headlines when Mojica and Portnoy were spotted getting intimate on a Miami club dance floor in March 2021. Their courtship was soon made public by their appearances and the moments they shared on social media.

By posting pictures and documenting their time together, the couple gave a sneak peek into their relationship and portrayed themselves as a content and loving couple.

A significant turning point in Portnoy’s personal life was the dissolution of his marriage, and his connection with Mojica afterwards became a source of interest for his admirers and supporters.

The couple’s past shows of affection and shared moments on social media have given the impression of a reasonably happy union.

What was the Reason Behind Dave Portney and Silvana Mojica Breaking Up?

Mojica and Portnoy have not formally stated the reason behind their breakup. Fans have been speculating greatly since Mojica posted a TikTok video of herself looking sad and surrounded by love cards.

Social media users have responded to the lack of specific information in various ways, with some expressing disappointment and ire at Portnoy. Mojica still has photos of herself and Portnoy on her Instagram account, including one from October, indicating that their relationship is still in flux despite the tearful video.

Fans’ irritation and curiosity have grown due to neither providing a clear explanation nor acknowledgment, leaving them to conjecture about the reasons behind the possible separation.

Because the pair had previously shown off happy-seeming moments from their relationship on social media, the unexpectedly emotional video and the accompanying internet comments were all the more unexpected. The specifics of their split are still theoretical and are a hot topic of conversation among their fans until Mojica or Portnoy openly addresses the matter.

Is Dave Portnoy Currently Dating Anyone?

Currently, Portnoy is living a single life. He said he is not ready to mingle right now as he wants to focus on his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Silvana Mojica’s Age?

As of 2023, Mojica is 28 years old.

2. What is Dave Portnoy’s Net Worth?

As per various reports, Portnoy has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

3. Who is Dave Portnoy’s Wife?

Renee Portnoy was his wife. But currently, they’re not together.

4. How did Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy meet?

The specifics of how Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy met have not been publicly detailed. Still, they are known to have started dating around early 2021 based on social media posts and public appearances.

5. What is Silvana Mojica known for professionally?

Professionally, Silvana Mojica is known for her work as a model and social media influencer, where she shares content related to fashion, lifestyle, and her travels.

6. Does Silvana Mojica have a background in education or a specific field?

Yes, Silvana Mojica holds a degree in marketing, which she has utilized in her career as a model and influencer and in various marketing roles before gaining prominence on social media.

7. Is Silvana Mojica active on social media?

Yes, Silvana Mojica is active on several social media platforms, including Instagram, where she shares updates about her life, modeling work, and travels, engaging a significant following.

8. Have Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy collaborated on any projects?

While Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy have appeared together in social media posts and public events, there are no known professional collaborations beyond their personal relationship.

Wrapping Up

One of the critical characteristics of Dave Portnoy’s public image is his unwavering dedication to maintaining the privacy of his personal life. Details on his romantic relationships, including his girlfriend, have been made public despite his broad popularity and media awareness. Information on Portnoy’s love relationships is scarce due to his emphasis on keeping his personal and professional life apart.

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